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    Two years...

    Today marks two years I've been on Humira. Nowt else worked, or made me ill in other ways. It's not all been plain sailing. I had to go to weekly injections, but have backed off to 10 day intervals for a few months now. I tried going back to fortnightly but felt very tired and my symptoms...
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    BEFORE YOU POST: etiquette

    A few simple guidelines on what to post here: The sort of things, but not limited to, that are welcome here: My doctor has recommended I start Humira, I'm scared. Is my disease really bad enough for Humira? I don't think I can inject myself, does it hurt? I'm on Humira and I found this on the...
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    Are you on an SNRI?

    I'm seeing a psychiatrist and she's contemplating putting me on an SNRI like Duloxetine (Cymbalta/Yentreve) as whilst I had some response to SSRI's it wasn't enough and she thinks my daily patterns may match an SNRI better. So how are you on it, did/has it helped, do you have chronic pain and...
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    Death following repeated Crohn's disease error

    Full article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-stoke-staffordshire-14747805 And video: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-14756089
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    Boxer with Crohn's

    A Shropshire boxer has said his first amateur bout proved far easier than his fight against a chronic illness. Zak Hammond from Telford surprised boxing bosses in 2010 when he sought medical advice on fighting in the ring with a colostomy bag. The bag was fitted in 2007 after surgery for...
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    Giving in/up

    I've seen in a number of peoples sig's antidepressant meds and thought "lucky I just dont do depression" Then the other day Paul saw an article somewhere and he said he ticked a shedload of the boxes regarding my behaviour/feelings/etc. So having discussed it we saw our GP this morning I'm...
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    Deepest brightest green....

    diarrhea (thank goodness for spillchuckers). Anyone had it, without eating lots of green veg? I'm thinking it's something to do with my gallbladder but my google-fu seems to be giving me lots of quack sites, or go see a doc, which isn't exactly useful. Usual blood tests are okay, inflammatory...
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    Concentration and memory issues

    So when I lost a lot weight, before my Crohn's diagnosis, I also seemed to get more stressed, loose confidence and I struggled to maintain concentration. I've been hoping that these would come back now I've been in remission for some 6 months or more. Except I went for a job interview (technical...
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    Tis the night before christmas, so hope you have a merry christmas (holidays/winterval/paganfestival/whatever you celebrate at this time of year/etc) and may all your injections be effective and gentle.
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    Humira/Adalimumab in the UK

    Talking to my consultant this afternoon he mentioned he and his colleagues are having to justify to the PCT's exactly why a patient should have a particular drug. Each one of us on Humira is, or is going to be, continually reviewed and some are going to be asked to reduce their dosage levels...
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    Can Methotrexate cause lasting damage

    It's been a while since I did an update, so... I've been on Humira since christmas and on the whole it's doing pretty well. BM's have dropped from 3 a day to 1 or 3 in two days kind of number. However, I'm having to still be very careful of my diet. The wrong thing can still send me into a 3day...
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    You know something: I thought I was probably in remission before Humira, whilst trying all the other drugs, Aza, 6mp, and then mtx, I was asymptomatic - ie 1 - 3 'formed' BM's a day, but none of them made me feel like this. I can do stuff without feeling totally exhausted, my brain does seem to...
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    Itchy head?

    Anyone else get an itchy head, or other itchy skin patches that seem related to your Crohn's? My head seems to itch when I'm not on immunosuppressants.
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    High calorie light weight food

    This is probably well in to Benson territory or nutritionist, but any one welcome to give their thoughts.... I'm thinking, well planning, on some long walks next year, duration up to 5 days, maybe longer if I can find a way of carrying enough calories that don't weigh too much. IIRC fat is the...
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    "To my surprise and delight" - oh the joy of fistulas

    I'm still amused: exert from copy of letter received this morning from my surgeon to GP... "Elizabeth came back for review following her Fibrin glue insertion. To my surprise and delight, things seem to be going very well...". Paul and are still boggled that the surgeon is surprised the op...
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    Crohn's Related Arthritis

    I'd like to ask people who have joint pains which you think are related to, or have started with or after your Crohn's, about your joints, and the pains you experience: Have you been officially diagnosed with a form of arthritis, which? (or which do you suspect you have if not officially...
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    So those people on Meth'(!) I have a few questions, if I may: How long have you been on it? Did get any side-effects, initially, or still are? (and what were/are they?) How long did it take for you to get any noticable good effects? I've only been on it 3 weeks now. Feeling very tired the...
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    After Azathioprine & 6-Mercaptopurine?

    So, I've not tolerated either azathioprine or it's metabolite mercaptopurine. And I'm wondering what could be next? I haven't got long to wait before I see my gastroenerologist, on wednesday, so I wont exactly sit and stew. However I'd like to have done a bit of research first, forewarned is...
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    Iron, Aza and Life: a funny ol' week

    So the other week I started taking mega-iron tabs. Well they certainly hit the spot as I had the best day in months. But... they really upset my tum, and I'm still a bit 'loose' and definately not back to normal a week after stopping taking them. I was getting horrendous stomach ache and nausea...
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    A mountain to climb

    A bunch of stoma patients climb Ben Nevis, the UK's highest mountain just to say that life doesn't end with a stoma. One of them is/was/has also trying to climb the 7 summits - the highest on each continent. Kewl! http://video.stv.tv/bc/scotland-outdoors-20080530-special-ben-nevis-climb/