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  1. J

    Entocort and periods?

    I'm currently taking 6mg entocort but since i've started the meds I've been getting very frequent periods 2 a month or every 14 days? Is this normal? Has anyone got this problem before? :confused2:
  2. J

    Trouble putting on weight?

    Hi, I'm an extremely petite girl and no matter how much I eat I can never gain weight. Whether in a flare or not I still have trouble putting on weight and sometimes end up losing more weight even if I'm eating well. I have a formal event coming soon and my legs literally look like sticks. :(...
  3. J


    I was diagnosed with anemia a few months ago and got pills for it. But recently I've felt really dizzy,weak and other anemia problem so I think it's back again. My family doctor is still on vacation so I was thinking to get some OTC vitamins for it. Does vitamin B12 work for that? At least...
  4. J


    I was flaring pretty badly last week, but gotten better. Still see some blood in my bm :( But another question, just got my blood pressure and it was really low like 76/49 or something like that and have been really dehydrated these days so i drown myself in powerade everyday. Could that be a...
  5. J

    Weight issue?

    Just wondering have anyone with crohn's have major problems with their weight? Do you lose weight when you're flaring or just after you're diagnose in general? because its one of the symtoms with crohn's. I've been underweight my whole life, but lately no matter how much I eat I keep losing...
  6. J

    Admission to hospital or no?

    Just booked an appointment with my GI due to recent stomach pains and suspecting a flare. Was wondering what usually happen when that happens? :confused2: Do they directly give you medications to treat it when you have a flare to avoid it getting worst and hospital stay or do I have to undergo...
  7. J

    Tips to survive a flare?

    Ok, so I'm pretty sure I AM flaring atm. And the pain seem to get worst every other day. I'm trying to contact my GI which is nearly IMPOSSIBLE since his office close at 4 and I get home from school around 3:45. They don't even set me an app. date when I last saw them, and I really don't want to...
  8. J

    Food for flaring?

    I'm currently flaring, ongoing abdominal pains, blood and stool and loss of apetite. I'm still trying to reach my GI to get it check, hopefully within a week of so. I was wondering what are some food that you guys eat that "soothe" the stomach? Whenever I feel sick I'd drink some green tea...
  9. J

    Anxiety, help!!

    I had some salami and noodle soup yesterday and was in a horrific pain this morning, had a bm and saw blood in my stool. I've never had that before, usually just abdominal pain. Is it a sign that my crohn's is flaring? Should I give a GI a call? I've been really stress with school and family and...
  10. J

    Depression sigh

    Sometime I feel so fed up dealing with this disease and how it affect my life so much. I hate to come off like I'm complaining like blah blah how I'm not grateful for my life and etc. But really who knows what I go through. I feel so abnormal and sometime I feel jealousy towards other people. I...
  11. J

    Skin Tags

    So a few months ago I've developed these swollen ulcers near my anal area, not sure if it's fistulas, skin tags or hermeroids but it sometimes gets worst and sometime gets better. I haven't get it checked out yet cause my appointment with GI hasn't come. But last time I had a colonoscopy and I...
  12. J

    Growth stunt?

    I'm 18 turning 19 soon, I was diagnosed with crohn's when I was 14. Grew a few inches taller and had my period when I was 16/17? I've always been "small" or underweight my whole life. My doctor told me I was a "latebloomer" or I developed slower than others. I went through most puberty symtoms...
  13. J

    Flaring question?

    Hi, I'm not fully familiar with what exactly happens when flaring, I was diagnosed with crohn's a couple years ago and have a really bad flare when I was in the hospital. But flaring seem to be a common term in this forum? Like I would see people mentioning certain food cause them to flare. Is...
  14. J

    Is eating at night bad?

    I tend to get pretty hungry at night especially before I go to sleep and can't seem to go to bed with an empty stomach. The thing is sometime I wake up with really bad stomach pain and diahrea in the morning. Does anybody eat at night or should it be avoid with crohn's? I know it's a pretty bad...
  15. J

    Cereal for Crohn's?

    I've been eating cereal for breakfast all my life, but heard that the grains in it can cause it to flare up and sometimes, certain cereal does that too me. I was wondering if anybody still eats cereal or is it your part of NO-NO list. If yes, which type of cereal works for you? Cause I'm running...
  16. J


    Hi, just a quick question. before diagnosing with crohn's I would always drink milk at night before going to bed without any problems but after (recently) I've been finding myself having slight stomach cramps in the morning and had some loose stool/diahhrea. Is it possibly from the milk I drank...
  17. J

    ER or not yet?

    Hi, I've been feeling bloating, loss of appetite, weight loss, nausea, chills, and occasional adominal pain (a few times a week). The pain comes and go, and develope mouth ulcers. It happen almost a month already. It hasn't bother me very much, but i think it gotten abit worst and the pain is...
  18. J

    Crohn's coming back, help!

    Hi, I'm pretty new on this forum, and I was diagnose for crohn's a few years ago. Two years ago I've had a pretty bad episodes of flare ups and so I ended up getting surgery. I was symptom free for more than a year but I feel like recently my crohns is coming back. I'm starting to develop mild...