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    Diet to control crohn's

    @Delta_hippo we're in same position, please update me when you have your results, i hope you control it again with vedo. my doctor requested anti bodies and vedo level test to see if i have developed anti bodies or not. I don't take any supplements i will ask my doctor if i need any thank you...
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    Diet to control crohn's

    I have crohn's since 2008, and used pentasa, infliximab, (I had surgery before humera) humera, and currently failing vedolizumab. I'm really worried of running out of medications to control my disease and i do not want to go through another surgery:cry:, i will definitely have chat about the...
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    Diet to control crohn's

    Hi, I heard couple of crohn's patients talking about diet that can control or limit crohn's flare, have any one come cross study that prove effectiveness of diet to induce remission without medications?
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    CT and MRI Scans for Crohn's

    thank you very much, this makes sense. I didn't know the scope of MRE and colonoscopy, I wish my doctor explain this to me instead of giving vague response. what do you mean by contrast allergy? :unsure:
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    CT and MRI Scans for Crohn's

    I understand that the scan gives information regarding these issue but does it give enough picture to take decision? change of medicine or need of surgery? my doctors will always ask for colonoscopy after the scan to take one of these decisions.
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    Causes of Crohns any guess

    I have crohn's for 12 years now, while living in saudi arabia with temperature reaching 50 C in the summer and mere 10 C in winter :unsure:
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    New to this...symptoms and suffering

    Hi, I hope you're getting better. when i first get diagnosed with crohn's I was in similar situation severe weight loss, couldn't eat more about 200 cal with similar diarrhea. my doctor put me on course of steroids which helped alot with all of these symptoms, but the steroids do not cure the...
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    CT and MRI Scans for Crohn's

    Hi guys, I have crohn's since 2008 and i had my ups and downs, currently I'm having possible inflammation while using vedolizumab but this is not my issue here. Through the years I have been asked to do CT or MRI scans and every time i do it, it doesn't provide enough information for my doctor...
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    I need help from old crohn's patients

    Hi, i had crohn's for 9 years now and I'm 24 years old. can you please tell me what to expect in the future? I'm really afraid to start relationship (I don't want to be burden to anyone) and how are genetics play role in crohn's ( I would die if I have kid and he has crohn's). i tried to talk...