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    Superior Court of Los Angeles "Finds" Cure for Crohn's!

    I've got great news! We control our fate! Former Family Court commissioner Nori Anne Walla of the Los Angeles Superior Court's Northeast District, after a two year trial, finds that Crohn's can be controlled by lifestyle adjustments! So what lifestyle adjustment are you going to make to...
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    Crohn's Colitis Foundation

    I'm interested in hearing what the rest of you think. Do you think they doing a good job of educating the public and raising funds for research and rehabilitation? What would you like to see? Slugger
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    Titanium Dioxide (Toothpaste, Acutane)

    Titanium dioxide is an inactive ingredient and food coloring in toothpaste, chewing gum, milk, processed foods, and many other things including Acutane. It is difficult to avoid because it is everywhere but I do have to avoid it because titanium dioxide causes me to flare up like crazy. Has...