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    Am I ready for surgery? 5 days away!

    I'm lying to myself and my family that I am ready and looking forward to moving on from all the pain and symptoms after the proctocolectomy. But actually I am pretty damn scared. This is the biggest, most life-altering surgery yet and I am terrified. Anxiety, depression, panic attacks. I'm on...
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    Total Proctocolectomy possibly postponed due to rectal abcess

    Hi Everyone! So, I just had unexpected surgery yesterday to drain a rectal abcess again (second time). I am scheduled for a total proctocolectomy July 19th. Fingers are crossed that this doesn't set anything back because I am ready to move on. 23 years of fighting this thing and I've had...
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    Ostomy products

    Hi all! I hope you can help me out. Can you recommend a really good ostomy belt with hernia prevention/protection that's fairly breathable? I've tried the phoenix binder but it didn't prevent prolapse the other day while playing volleyball. I see many of you are very active so I'm wondering...
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    Increased appetite?

    Hi all! Question for you - I have noticed that since my surgery I have had an almost insatiable appetite for anything and everything. I can't go for more than an hour or two without feeling famished. Is this common with an ileostomy? Thank you! - Amy
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    Total Proctocolectomy

    So, I had a loop ileostomy last month and I'm starting to get the hang of this bag thing. Finally able to leave the house and participate in life. Woo hoo! But lately I've been having Crohn's symptoms again (pain, urgency, passing blood into the toilet). And I haven't had the energy to do...
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    Medicated Powder?

    Hi Everyone! I just got my ileostomy on the 20th and life is already so much better!! I even went out to a show last night for the first time in FOREVER! I've got my life back! However, I have developed some irritation around the stoma and all of this is new territory for me. My visiting...
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    Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've been here because I've been dealing, or rather trying to deal, with my latest flare. I think I'm at a dead end medication-wise and I'm a little scared about what will come next for me. I've had Crohn's for 22 years and luckily the only surgery needed was...
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    Anyone have constipation and diarrhea at the same time?

    I've had watery D and pain for months now and the docs can't seem to figure out why I've got so much pain without much inflammation. Looking back at all of my recent tests (CT, colonscopy, Sitz Marker, U/S) shows a pattern of "moderate fecal matter" in my colon. So, my new GI has a theory...
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    What's your theory on how you got Crohn's Disease?

    This is strange, but I told my mother I'd post it. She is convinced she knows the reason I got CD. Apparently when I was an infant I would literally eat my wooden crib! She ended up wrapping ace bandages around the frame so I couldn't get to it. Now she is convinced that the splinters have...
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    Is eliminating sugar beneficial for Crohn's Disease

    I've seen that some people on these forums have limited the amount, or completely stopped eating sugar. None of my doctors have mentioned anything about sugar to me and I've never tried taking it out of my diet. Can you explain why it might be helpful to do that? And also, do you use...
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    When to go to the ER?

    Hi! I'm new here although I've had CD for over 20 years. I've not known any other Crohn's patients to talk to about the disease and I'm so happy to have found this site. My question is when do you know it'a time to go to ER?
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    Am I Crazy?

    I've had crohn's for 21 years now and IBS for 6. It's difficult to differentiate the two since the symptoms are the same. I've been to numerous doctors in the past few years and tried just about every medication available but nothing seems to work for very long. It's just robbing me of my...
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    Hi! New here...

    Hi! I've had Crohn's for 20 years and IBS for 6. Up until the past few years I've been able to manage it without interfering too much in my life, but lately I'm having a hard time coping with the symptoms. Sometimes I think I'm crazy because the doctors have no answers or solutions for me...