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    Sequence of Medications

    Hi, My 7 year old is very recently diagnosed. She did 8 wks of EEN & then moved on to 25mgs of 6MP daily. After 10 days she had very bad side effects, vomiting, diahoerra, sweating, fast shallow breathing. We re-trialed it 4 days later & she woke up vomiting within 6 hours of the dose. I now...
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    Ending EEN

    Hi Guys, My 7 year old has been diagnosed since mid-August. She finished 8 weeks of EEN. Her bloods were good & show remission. Shes started 125mg of 6MP per day & will have her next bloods taken on Tuesday. The dietician gave us a 2-page advice sheet on how to reduce over 4 day’s from 6 EEN...
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    Irish Kids Out There?

    Hi, Just wondering if there are any Irish families, who are on here? We have a 7 year old girl diagnosed with Crohns since end of August 2018. She is just finishing 8 weeks of EEN, so we have it all ahead of us :sign0085: Would love to chat to others in a similar boat, or who have been...
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    Medication or Watchful Waiting?

    Hi Guys, My 7-year old had a scope & was diagnosed with Crohn’s in mid-August, after a summer of progressively worsening diahoerra. She was immediately put on the EEN diet & reacted very well to it. She has gained weight, & has no on-going issues. She’s on week 6 of EEN & is having the odd...
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    Help re School Talk re 7 year Old

    Hi Guys, My little Girl Orla, who’s 7, had a scope on Monday & was diagnosed with Crohn’s. It’s all very new to us & I knew v v little about Crohn’s up til about 3 weeks ago when it was first mentioned as a possibility re Orla. She’s now on day 5 of an EEN diet. Anyway, school re-starts this...