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  1. SusanWellmann

    16 days post surgery

    Hello everybody I am home, 16 days post surgery. Had laparscopic resection, (50 cm. and appendix). Was in Hospital for 8 days, had severe pain, had to have the NG tube for 5 days, NOO food, just ice chips. Finally was able to tolerate broth and jello, day before released, I had BM and had a bit...
  2. SusanWellmann

    Surgery Tomorrow

    Tomorrow is the big day. Having a resection in my T.I. Been a long wait for me. Looking forward to recovery and getting my life back in order. I will post my experience and answer any questions for anybody that is going through the same, surgery, etc. Wish me luck!!!:)
  3. SusanWellmann

    Surgery DATE

    Finally have my surgery date, after almost of year of hell...April 9th. WOO HOO! Such a load off my mind to have a date, so I can start to move on with my life...I am having a TI Resection (severe stricture and multiple abscesses) and removal of appendix..I was also just diagnosed with two...
  4. SusanWellmann

    Confirmed Surgery

    Just got back from the surgeon....I'm on the waiting list for Surgery. I had a colonoscopy last week, so she could confirm what is going on in there...the result is: I need to have about 20 cm of my Terminal Ileum removed AND my Appendix AND my Cecum..Then she takes the small intestine and...
  5. SusanWellmann


    Hi I have been having a flare up since March 2012. Had an 8 cm. abscess drained in April, and several CT scans. Was in hospital twice in March and again in April for 7 days each time. MY last CT scan showed "persistent disease in TI and ileum". I had a colonoscopy on Monday and result was...
  6. SusanWellmann

    Leg pain from Prednisone

    What is the best pain reliever for horrible pain in legs due to prendisone? I am having terrible, terrible pain in my legs at night and in the morning, and I guess it is a side effect of taking Prednisone for Crohn's. I've been on it for 6 weeks now, and they have me on high doses, just starting...
  7. SusanWellmann


    I have crohns and am currently sick. I am on Prednisone and just started getting leg cramps that are killing me. Been in the hospital twice in the last two months and am waiting for surgery consult at the end of month. So tired of this..........:(