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    Ileostomy surgery

    My boyfriend is now in hospital awaiting surgery to repair fistulas and 2 abscesses, one of which has latched itself to his small bowel. We know he has to have his colostomy removed, colon removed, some stomach removed and an ileostomy fitted...there are complications with the surgery because...
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    Abscess, fistula, relocation of stoma...Questions

    Hi I'm looking for some advice My boyfriend has been abit through the mill lately, to say the least, he was diagnosed with an abscess by his stoma, and fistulas in various areas of the bowel, he also has collitus in his stomach and rectum. He has been on infliximab for 3 years for his...
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    Abscess, fistula, relocation of stoma...Questions

    Hi.. I'm hoping to get some advice for my boyfriend In December he started getting severe pains in his stomach, by his stoma... he went to ER and they said he had a torn muscle and needed to rest, so he did, the pain carried on so he went back and got the same reaction from the nurses...