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    Whether to wait or not..!

    Hi everyone...I would like to get some advice from your personal expiriencies .I have Crohn's disease since 2009.Recently I had a bad flare and after a while I was dx with entheropathic SpA... so my GI and Reymy put me on Humira (I've been on it for almost 2,5 months ).By now,Humira does...
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    Achilles tendon enthesitis caused from crohn's disease

    Hi everyone! I was diagnosed with crohn's disease before 11 years. My doctors used to say it was a mild situation by now. Unfortunately this May I went at ER with a lot of abdominal pain ,low fever , 10-12 diarrheas /24h (along with mucus) .The doctors said my Crohn's flared up ,as all the...