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    Please Welcome 8belles!!

    I posted your story here 8belles! Hi! Thanks for the welcome! My journey with IBD began in 1994. I was very pregnant at the time and began to have rectal bleeding. My doctor was, in hindsight, very lame and he told me that I was pregnant so I should expect weird things. He then gave me a tube...
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    Why Magnesium supplements don't work.

    I ran across this because I was searching for magnesium and I am going to try and eat magnesium rich, only because it is healthier eating So I am not an advocate of this site http://magnesiumrichfoods.com/why-magnesium-supplements-dont-work/ Just want your opinion, and Dan...I KNOW you have...
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    Thunder Bay CCFC Education Symposium

    Hey I just read in our local paper that there is an education symposium Featuring: Dr Khan (research update) Dr Mapeso (surgery and IBD) I have had one other education with this specialist. Dr Tintinalli (Naturopathic Options and IBD) My husband is home and we are going to go to this. Top...
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    Sitting too much causes colon & Breast Cancers

    http://yourlife.usatoday.com/health/medical/cancer/story/2011-11-03/Prolonged-sitting-linked-to-breast-cancer-colon-cancer/51051928/1 This was on our news today in Canada. I have been exercising an hour inside the house (treadmill, Tony Littles' Gazelle sp, and mobile bike) a mile on all then...
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    Have you tried Whitening strips?

    Hey, I need to know if any of you have tried those whitening strips? I dont want to waste my money, if they don't they are not cheap. Yes or no do they work and what did you use... Going to a wedding and I am the stepmom of the groom...help me!;)
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    C difficile on the rise in Canada

    I have been watching the news about C. difficile and it has spread hundreds of miles and now in my town's hospital and nursing homes. I take antibiotics but low doses and wash my hands and have wipes and antibacteria gel. When I am out and am aware of it and use it on everything... I came out...
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    Do you take naps? Please answer!

    Hi all, I really hope you are doing well and if not hang in there. Most people know I have the greatest hubby in the world but this morning he mocked me about being tired. First of all because we have a mail strike going on, some idiot phoned me at 7am and woke me up after a night of insomia. I...
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    Astra's daughter in the hospital..

    I am back, yet again, gosh never gonna get out of full retirement! Joan has been emailing me letting me know that her daughter Jess is in the hospital for exploratory surgery. She has been in agony and diarreah. Doctors think it could be her appendix, but Joanie will let you all know what...
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    Welsh-bird is having surgery again!

    Hi everyone, I normally wouldn't come on here but I had to let you all know that Andrea is having surgery again, her brother texted me and she was supposed to start Chemo today but her bp was low and now is in surgery, I will let Joan or someone know to keep this updated. I am worried for her...
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    Humira start on two separate occasions?

    I was wondering has anyone started Humira on two long term occasions? I was on Humira 2 years ago and peter'd out after 6 months but at least it worked 85% of the time. I am severely allergic to Remicade and Cimzia is not available in Canada. I have also tried Methotrexate twice and did nothing...
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    CT scans and cancer risks news

    Just thought I would share this news clip from a doctor in Toronto, because sooner or later we worry...gosh I have lost count over the years how many I have had... Feb 18, 2011 CT Scans and Cancer I've repeatedly warned readers of the dangers associated...
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    IBD colonoscopy site..

    I have found this site for a friend who recently had a colonoscopy and found it to be remarkable in answering alot of questions most people have on here and where to seek information of ALL IBD scopes and cam results and so much more. You may find it helpful and interesting and know how to...
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    Gut Bacteria fighter may help IBS/IBD

    Happy New year all, just popping in to send this article that I saw in our local paper, I have known about this study for awhile and puts some people into remission whilst being on VSL#3 together. NOTE: this drug is NOT available in Canada yet. If you can get this drug it could be a lifesaver...
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    Info for Kids or parents of kids..

    I know we have a parent sticky but seems is not up to date or no one sees it... so I saw this commercial on my tv and thought it would be a great site for young ones. :thumright: www.child.ca
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    Webcast coming up Oct 6th..

    Those of you interested in a online webcast in the US and Canada, and other areas, this is where you need to register... http://register.rmei.com Stupid satelite :voodoo:
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    I over did it!

    Well I had to take it very slow and I sprained my wrist, can hardly type. I was scubbing the siding on the house, pulling carrots, scrubbing carrots, raking apples to get the off the ground. The bears are a pain in the butt, two there wasn't a pill for that :lol:. So I is here, just avoiding...
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    Genes, virus and injury= Crohn's

    Just got this on my email,interesting and a good read! http://www.the-scientist.com/blog/display/57509/
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    Bone drug may increase chances of throat Cancer

    Saw this in my local paper and my Gi just asked me about being on Fisomax.. no thanks, I have had Bone xrays (knee have mod osteoarthitis) and bone density in Feb, and he says it was good, I am using high potency and absorbable gelcaps with Vitamin D3 and Magnesium citrate. So I must be doing...
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    I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!

    Well my requested colonscopy was completed earlier today. Two areas I wanted him to check, and this time I felt the procedure, more than other times, even tho he had drugs in me but not as much, I am assuming and he had an assisstant watching, new gi I guess. And as I have known for a...
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    Quinoa, a gluten free alternative

    Hey I came across this, but I use Quinoa flakes, made in the US and about 10bucks a box "Ancient Harvest" Flakes. I eat the hot cereal and put cinnamon in it. I use rice milk and stevia sugar. So far my flare is behaving but I know if I eat something risky it is gonna explode. You can make...