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  1. Boloby

    Colectomy Post-op Nightmare

    I recently had a total colectomy/ileostomy (June 24). The surgery went well, but the post-op was a disaster. My pain management was screwed up, and I developed ascites, which the doctors failed to diagnose until after I suffered for 11 days. It was a learning experience to say the least, so...
  2. Boloby

    Slow output question from a newb

    So it's been two and a half weeks since surgery (goodbye colon, hello ileostomy). I was on clear liquids for most of the time, and the output was pretty consistent. Well, I finally had some mashed potatoes exactly 24 hours ago. Since then, there's been some output, and it's definitely thicker...
  3. Boloby

    First Food to Try After Ileostomy... Scared

    So I'm still in the hospital almost two weeks following my total colectomy and ileostomy (temporary). I tried solid foods last Saturday and woke up around 4 a.m. in complete paralysis from gas pain. I couldn't move for hours and finally called the nurse. It felt like something was stuck and was...
  4. Boloby

    Just had colon removed; not recovering well.. advice?

    I had the surgery last Monday (the 24th), but things have been more difficult than I expected, mostly because the doctors don't know how to manage my pain. I've been on Suboxone for years, so I have an incredibly high tolerance to pain meds. No one at the hospital, besides one of my nurses, is...
  5. Boloby

    Coping Through Humor

    I'm having surgery this coming Monday (my entire colon will be removed because of pre-cancerous growths and fear that it'll get me kicked off the liver transplant list [I have PSC as well]). I'll admit that I have occasional episodes of freaking out, but I try to keep my sense of humor intact as...
  6. Boloby

    Anyone on Suboxone? (Have Concerns Regarding Surgery)

    Post-Op Questions About Colectomy I heard that after a colectomy, you're not supposed to sit up (for how long, I don't know). My question is, what if you have to cough, or worse ... vomit? I'm having my entire colon removed on Monday, June 24, and these are some of my many concerns. Frankly...
  7. Boloby

    Really Need Some Info, Re: Colon Removal

    So one of my many doctors just called me and said my colon needs to be removed because it's filled with pseudopolyps, some of which are precancerous and can't be removed endoscopically. I've never really looked into this and don't know much about what it entails, besides a colostomy bag. I'd...
  8. Boloby

    Injection Question

    The last time I injected, it felt like nothing happened. I pinched the top of my leg, placed the pen on it and pressed the button, held it for 10-plus seconds and looked to make sure I saw yellow. I saw a little dot where the needle supposedly went in, but there was no blood. I looked at the...
  9. Boloby

    Question About Starting Dose

    So I just started Humira on Friday, after going to my gastroenterologist's office to have a nurse show me how to do it. However, everything she taught me indicated that I just start off with one shot. Now I'm reading of people taking more. Was that wrong? What do I do now? It's the weekend, so I...
  10. Boloby

    Need Advice *Please* Re: Humira, etc.

    Quick background: In 1999 I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and an autoimmune disease called primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC), which effects the bile ducts (and, consequently, the liver). My Crohn's didn't become active until 2008, and it was really bad for a few years. Lately, it's been...
  11. Boloby

    Wanting to eat fruit again

    I've been on a primarily low-residue diet for a while now, and though it served its purpose initially, I can see where it's preventing me from any further healing. My goal is to cut out processed foods (borrowing ideas from various IBD diets) and to be able to have regular bowel movements...
  12. Boloby

    Quick Question About SCD

    Are sunflower seeds on the illegal list? It's not on the website.
  13. Boloby


    I often read about how people with Crohn's have a hard time eating nuts, but I can't recall ever having an adverse effect from them. Is this one of those things like lactose, where some people are OK with it and others can't touch it?
  14. Boloby

    Need advice regarding constipation

    I’m at my wits’ end here and don’t know what to do. Right now, my Crohn’s is mostly in remission, though it’s still problematic in that I’m suffering from constipation. I’ve had this problem for a long time, even before my first flare-up. For years, I dealt with it by eating foods extra fiber...
  15. Boloby

    Crohn's and Skin Problems

    A few months ago, I noticed these small, circular, flaky white blotches on my arms and legs. Over the past couple of weeks, they have multiplied and are now on my neck and torso as well. Some of them are mild, while a few are starting to look like wounds. I'm scheduled to see a dermatologist on...
  16. Boloby

    Rolaids, Tums, Pepto, and Gas X for Crohn's Disease

    (Note: I tried the search engine, but could find only random, scattered info on this.) I'm curious about everyone's views regarding over-the-counter relief products like Rolaids, Tums, Pepto, Gas X, etc. I'm at work with a bit of a sour stomach but have only some Pepto chewables. Normally, I...