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  1. CatLover63

    Urinary Incontinence, a Wee Dilemma.

    I have urinary incontinence in my fifties, not my eighties and IT STINKS ! I wonder whether it is connected to my digestive issues. I have tried various tablets with mild side effects in past years but managing without right now due to my GP being an awkward ... and not prescribing what I need...
  2. CatLover63

    Stop Coughing on Me, I can't afford a Coffin.

    Bonjour or Good Morning, I'm fed up with people, 99%of whom are men who think it's o.k not to wear a mask and to cough all over the place. It must be a macho thing. I 've even been told by a stupid delivery man that I didn't need to wear one even though I have asthma and would become extremely...
  3. CatLover63

    Mouth ulcers, a sign of an inflamatory bowel condition ?

    Hello, do you suffer from frequent mouth ulcers ? Aren't they a pain. I brush my teeth, gargle with salty water, avoid crisps and acidic foods, ( most of the time) and the little blighters still plague me. Not life threatening, not terminal but how can you apply frosty lipstick and feel pretty ...
  4. CatLover63

    Lockdown Dreams, not Aliens again !

    Hello. In lockdown some people can't sleep. Some sleep too much. I am one who is beginning to resemble the lot in "Fight Club". Never quite awake, everything is muted or a copy of a copy. The reason is vivid dreams and nightmares in technicolour. Last night, people were crowding in on me with no...
  5. CatLover63

    Keep it light, keep it bright.

    Hello, if you "suffer with your nerves" there are things you should do. Always cross the road at a pedestrian crossing. Avoid large noisy supermarkets full of screaming kids and endless queues. Get a pet that matches your temperament and budget. Goldfish are nice and quiet. Move away from the...
  6. CatLover63

    I don 't eat meat, I'm a veggie, are you ?

    Hello, we're a week away from Christmas and I will be spending it alone with my cats. What a cliche. It's a Covid year so I'm not alone. The TV programming in the UK is all about food and beef, pork, lamb, duck and turkey are cooked, served and eaten to everyone's delight. I cringe at the...