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  1. sherry3535

    Can' take it anymore....going to ER!!

    can' take it anymore....going to ER!! Ok i havent been on here much lately because i have just been miserable and feeling so horrible everyday! My symptoms have just gotten worse from my last posts about myself! So i am finally going to take the advice of the patient administrator, and i will...
  2. sherry3535

    Still no answers :(

    still no answers :( hi everyone, I just figured i would update everyone. i finally got the results from my pillcam, and it show absolutely nothing and my GI's wording was it doesnt explain the anemia or give any answers! UGH!!! He said that he has done everything that he can do, and has no...
  3. sherry3535

    New to forum

    need support! Hi everyone, I just joined this today and i am so very happy to have found it! My story is pretty long so i apologize in advance for the long post but i want to explain all i have been through so that i can hopefully get some much needed support and advice! Ok here i go..... I...