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  1. WindingRs

    Remicade or Humira for 14 yr old

    After almost a year of dealing with a non healing wound left after a perianal abscess/fistula, going through any available tests/scopes you may imagine with normal results, switching doctors... and no definitive answer, we are at a point ready to try biologics. As for the the effectiveness of...
  2. WindingRs

    Summary discussions/news from AIBD conference 2020

  3. WindingRs

    Crohns or not?

    Hello everyone, We are going through the diagnosis process for Crohns for my son. It’s been a few rough months for us ... My son has two perianal fistulas. I like to know if anyone in here is diagnosed with perianal Crohns if all the scopes and test are normal. We have done colonoscopy...