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  1. cookey

    Cookeys story living with Crohns/Colitis

    So, here we go with my life living with Crohns/Colitis. I was 17 yrs old with a great job working for Met Life Insurance. A word of warning, some very graphic details...but all reality. I came down with a very bad case of Diarrhea in 1978..didn't think another thing of it, told my parents...and...
  2. cookey

    New listing for Chat Sessions

    Thank you to Tami for keeping me company on Monday night, as well as Mike. Since the chat room meetings are not going over as well as we had hoped, I will be cutting it down to once a week. Every Monday..from 7pm until 9pm EST We will have a support meeting. If this works for everyone, please...
  3. cookey

    Support Chat tonight

    Hi everyone, just a reminder for our first chat session tonight... from 7pm until 10pm EST. Please remind all your friends. The chat room works as follows, you must have Java in order to chat. Under your name, it will say Profile...just type something about yourself (anything) then click on...
  4. cookey

    Crohns and the Seasons

    I was also curious to hear from everyone about when your flare ups were the worst. For me, it was every summer like clock work. Usually around the same time, June..July, August, would I spend my time in hospital. My flare ups didn't seem to activate in the winter so much, as they did summer...