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  1. xxjemmamxx

    Pain that wakes you up?

    Hey everyone, I think my Crohn's has gradually got a bit worse since my nurses decided to cut my Pentasa from 4g to 2g a day. I (stupidly) tried takeaway pizza the other day and really suffered with it! Then last night I couldn't get to sleep until about 2am because my stomach was really...
  2. xxjemmamxx

    Strange Smelling Sweat

    Bit of a weird question....but I have really noticed this recently. My sweat has a really strange smell, not horrible, but not nice either. It's really sweet and distinctive and my husband can smell it too. It's not associated with hygiene because it doesn't go away after a shower or anything...
  3. xxjemmamxx

    I don't want Crohn's anymore

    I am so fed up and sick of having this. I feel like I am about to walk out of work any day now, I just can't take it anymore, I can't cope. No one wants to help me. They've had a letter from my nurse for about a week now explaining that I am really struggling and please can I be moved to...
  4. xxjemmamxx

    Not coping at work

    Hi everyone, I've been back at work for about almost 3 months now since my surgery and Crohn's diagnosis and I'm really struggling :frown: I work in a supermarket on the delicatessen and butchers counters, most of the time by myself as I work Sundays and evenings. The job is really physically...
  5. xxjemmamxx

    Access to a toilet at work

    Hi all, I'm due to return to work on Monday after 2 months off for surgery. I am so so anxious about returning to work!! I run two food counters, most of the time I am working by myself and therefore can't leave the counters unmanned to go to the toilet as there is no one to cover. This is...
  6. xxjemmamxx

    How does a flare hold you back?

    Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to Crohn's Disease and this forum so I was wandering if I could get your insight into how a flare affects your daily life. I'm asking because this year is a very important year for me. I am getting married in March and go on a 2 week honeymoon to Florida in June...
  7. xxjemmamxx

    Disappointing Hospital Appointment

    I had my 6 week follow up with my surgeon today after my small bowel resection/diagnosis of Crohn's disease and I need to get your opinions on this. My discharge notes said that I had 'severe terminal ilietis', I also had an abscess cavity and ulcerating inflammation with 'cobblestone...
  8. xxjemmamxx

    Medication Post surgery

    Hi everyone. I had a resection on my small intestine via emergency/open surgery on the 28th November. This was when I found out that I had Crohn's disease as they removed 10cm of diseased bowel and 4cm of my colon as well as my cecum and appendix. I also had a fissuring absess cavity and it...
  9. xxjemmamxx

    Newly diagnosed & recovering post-op

    Hi everyone :sign0144: & this is my story: I was experiencing symptoms of Crohn's Disease since the beginning of 2012 but (stupidly) decided to ignore them in the hope that they would correct themselves. The symptoms suddenly became severe around the 20th November and I was experiencing...