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  1. sdexter

    Joint/muscle pain with Asacol?

    I have been on Asacol before, but usually forget the third dose. Now I am back on it post-op, and take 3 800mg all at once. Since I started, I have had increasingly painful muscles, and stiff, sore joints. Has anyone else had this problem? It stinks because it is the only thing my insurance...
  2. sdexter

    Abdominal pain 6wks post-op. normal?

    Hello again to my most valued support group! It will be 6 weeks tomorrow since my laparoscopic ileocolectomy. I saw my surgeon after 2 weeks and he said I was doing really well and everything looked great. I am back to work and overall I feel disease-free (though I know better). I have been...
  3. sdexter

    My Laparoscopic Ileocecectomy one week out

    I joined these forums after my gastro referred me to a surgeon following a CT enterography. As she said, once you have scar tissue, the only thing you can do is remove it. So, I had my laparoscopic ileocectomy exactly one week ago. I have had Crohn's since I was a teenager, but was not...
  4. sdexter

    Do they usually take part of your colon with crohns in the ileum?

    I met with a surgeon yesterday. I thought they were just going to take out the strictured part of my small intestines, so I was surprised when he said he was going to take the cecum too. Is this "normal"? It scares me to think of how my digestion will be if he takes that, too. Any other...