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  1. steelerfan

    Remicade and Acne?

    Has anyone every had or heard of acne being a side effect of Remicade? I have had 3, maybe 4, infusions...weaning myself off of prednisone (woo hoo)...about two weeks ago...some major acne. My family doc called it inflammatory acne...so now I am on an antibiotic. On one hand I hope it is not...
  2. steelerfan

    Success of surgery

    I am wondering how successful surgeries have been for others. I have heard many wonderful stories, it seems most have been successful and worthwhile. This may make it a little more clear. I guess knowing how many people have had a surgery would also be insightful. I also am curious to know...
  3. steelerfan

    New and confused

    new and confused Hello, John here, 35 and practically diagnosed, so says my doc, with Crohn's. This occurred Jan. 13-17 with a hosp. stay and then re-entry Jan 31-Feb 4. I guess I am at the point where I have so many questions as to what I can eat, as do most I suppose. I was told to avoid...
  4. steelerfan

    Almost diagnosed

    Hello, My name is John and I have not quite been diagnosed with Crohn's as of yet. Since the Jan 13 I have been in and out of the hospital twice. Switched GI's once already. Have been told that I for sure have Crohn's even though I have not had a biopsy to confirm it. He said he hopes he is...