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    I just wish it would stop 😣

    Back story of this go round is I got a UTI and the urgent care doctor decided I needed 2 weeks of antibiotics due to being on Humira so I took them faithfully. I thought the tummy cramps and nausea were just due to not feeling well but then I started having very skinny stools. Now it's black! My...
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    So tired of it all

    So, I am losing it. I mean like seriously losing it mentally. I'm exhausted mentally and physically. I've always put on the brave happy face but I can't do it anymore. Last night the most awful pain started in my rectum, moved to my tailbone area then settled into my vagina. I have had the rogue...
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    Just want to say no more!

    Does anyone else want to say no more? No more taking 17 pills a day? I swear I am tired of being sick. I know I can't go off all my meds but honestly I get so sad taking all these pills. Am I being a baby or does anyone else struggle with this?
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    Wish me luck

    I saw my lovely GI doctor this afternoon and he wants me to restart the Pentasa. Last time I took it for a little over 2 days and ended up in the hospital in horrible pain, vomiting and a fever of around 101°. Doc wants me to try it again since I've been on the Entocort for a month. I don't want...
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    Hello Newbie here

    Thanks for having me everyone. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at 13. I kinda let it go partially due to a schizophrenic mom who couldn't take care of herself let alone me. Fast forward to my middle 20's. I ended up in the hospital numerous times for what the doctors figured was lupus.At...