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    Top Down

    How are all these doctors following the "top down" approach, when the insurance say NO, try something "cheaper" first. My husband tried to get approved for Entyvio. But he has no symptoms, no diarrhea, no abdominal pain, basically none of the "traditional" crohns symptoms, but yet his fecal is...
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    What's Your thoughts on Entiyvo and PML?

    I understand that Entiyvo works in the same way that tysabri does and is not a TNF drug. What's your take on Entiyvo and the PML risk?
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    Ldn & tb

    I never questioned my husband's crohn's dx, I just questioned and researched all the medicines, which lead me to LDN. But after his last scope the doctor seemed confused. He said it "looked" like crohn's. His report said "There were strictures found with pseudopolyps, with no ulceration's found...
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    I'm assuming this is good news?

    My hubby has been on LDN since the beginning of April. He noticed a change in his fatigue right away and the stomach problems went away as well for about 2 weeks, then a slight episode treated with some low dose steroid. Ok for another 3 weeks then a slight episode, but didn't take and LD...
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    Flare Question....

    My husband was Dx about 2 months ago after a 4 day stint in the hospital with a partial blockage. (We think he had been having them pretty much every two weeks, like clockwork for about three months prior, we just didn't know what they were). We actually thought he was getting morning sickness...
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    Wife to a Newbie Crohnie

    Hi all, I'm Amber.... My husband and I have been on this Crohn's Roller Coaster "officially" since September after a trip to the ER landed him in the hospital for 4 days. I'll back up, and start from the beginning tho. In May of this year, we found out we were pregnant. Ironically, that is the...