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  1. J

    Flatulence and tummy gurgles

    So I've been on Humira 3 months now but my gas and bloating is still lingering. Does that mean it isn't working?
  2. J

    How long does it take for Humira to start working?

    I've been tapering off prednisone and started Humira about 5 weeks ago. When I was on 40 mg of pred I felt at my best. But now that I'm tapering my Crohn's symptoms are creeping back. Is that normal? I figured the Humira would have been kicking in by now. I'm feeling a little discouraged...
  3. J

    Can I eat whatever I want now?

    So I've been on Humira for a month now...just started my one injection every 2 weeks. I was wondering if I could eat whatever I wanted to now? I've been eating the same food for the past 4 months due to an awful flare.
  4. J

    Started Humira 2 weeks ago, can I start incorporating

    Hi, I was recently diagnosed with CD last summer. Since then I lost 30 pounds, went to a dairy free diet (recommended by my GI Dr) and now eat a very bland, same daily meal diet. I tried several drugs and none of them worked. Spent 5 days in the hospital due to severe inflammation and got C...
  5. J

    Recommendations on taking Florastor with Vancomycin

    I have been on vancomycin for 3 days now treating C Diff. I really want rid of this bug...as of right now I haven't had diarrhea but I am afraid the vancomycin will kill my good bacteria. Should I go ahead and add Florastor? And if so, take it 3 hrs after vancomycin? Thank you
  6. J

    Diagnosed with C Diff

    I have been in the hospital since Monday after having a fever of 104. While in the hospital I was diagnosed with C Diff after Drs prescribed me Cipro. I am completely devastated as I alrdy suffer from Crohn's disease. They currently have me on Flagyl IV. My question is will it be hard for me to...
  7. J

    Will be starting Humira soon, advice?

    Hi, I'm new to this disease and forum. Recently diagnosed with Crohn's colitis about 3 weeks ago. This disease came out of nowhere for me, healthy happy 33 year old with a family. My question is, I've been going through a bad flare for the past 2 months (lost 30 pounds from 115 pounds, bad...
  8. J

    Is a low grade fever normal with Crohn's disease?

    I've had 2 low grade fevers this week....this current one being my second. Temp is 100.4, called on call Dr and told me to take Tylenol and call if it gets worse. I'm new to this disease, as being diagnosed 2 weeks ago. Well my question is, are fevers this often normal even with being on meds? I...
  9. J

    Finished my flagyl earlier today and now feel bad

    I took my last dose of flagyl about 8 hours and now I'm getting cold chills and a slight fever. Could this be my flare not yet cleared? I've been going through this for a month now and can't take it anymore. I'm currently on Apriso as well...any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  10. J

    I'm tired of drinking water!

    As a recent diagnosis with Crohn's disease (specifically Crohn's colitis), I am growing tired of drinking water all the time. What other drinks can you guys suggest....and yes I'm currently going through a flare and am lactose intolerant. I used to be an avid coffee drinker too and it completely...
  11. J

    Best food to eat and gain weight

    I was recently diagnosed with Crohn's...specifically in my colon. I'm currently going through a flare right now and I find it hard to eat certain food or afraid certain food in fear of it making things worse. I've already lost close to 30 pounds (originally weighed 118 before disease) and want...
  12. J

    Newly diagnosed with Crohn's at 33

    Hi my name is Jennifer and I was recently diagnosed with Crohn's colitis. The disease is specifically in my colon. Ever since my diagnosis I have found it very difficult. I've lost almost 30 pounds to this disease (used to weigh 118) on my already petite frame. I find it very hard to eat...