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    No signs of Crohn's - thank you Imuran!!

    Just had a colonoscopy and no signs of crohn's whatsoever. My last tests showed severe ulceration and cobble stoning (18 months ago). Just wanted to share as we hear a lot of very scary things about drugs, but they often do really help! I started this drug at 150mg in Jan '11. Will stay on it...
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    Chronic Yeast Infections?

    I posted this on the Imuran thread but thought I have more visibility here. I have had chronic yeast infections for the past few months. Obgyn thinks it is related to the Imuran. Does anyone else have this issue while on immune suppressants? Were you able to overcome it? Any advice? Thanks in...
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    Yeast infections?

    Had anyone had issues with yeast infectins while on Imuran? I have had 5 over past few months and my obgyn thinks it is related to Imuran. Thoughts or advice?
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    Those of you worried about hair loss..

    After 4 months on the drug, my hair has finally stopped falling out like crazy. Fortunately I had a lot of hair to begin with and no one else besides me even noticed. Just wanted to share since I know it's a big concern to many others out there.
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    Labwork - How often with Imuran?

    How often do you all have labwork done? I just recently switched GI Docs as we relocated from Texas to Georgia. New Doctor said things seemed great and he wasn't going to change anything up, see him in 6 months. Now realizing that is a long time to go without labs. Thinking maybe this was...
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    Imuran and skin tags/warts?

    I just read that this is a possible side effect, and seems many have had this from this link.... http://www.askapatient.com/viewrating.asp?drug=16324&name=imuran I am starting this drug today and this side effect really scares me...for superficial reasons of course :-).
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    Doctor response time?

    If you leave a message for a Dr. or nurse, what is an "OK" response time? I am getting very frustrated with it sometimes taking 4-5+ days to get a response and wanting to see if this is normal or not. I do not call often and when I do it is very valid questions. I like my Dr. but actually...
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    Back Pain?

    Does your back hurt when in a flare? My lower back hurts and I really think it's related.
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    Why is surgery such a last resort?

    Hi Everyone, Fairly new to this disease. I am wondering why surgery is always such a last resort for Crohn's? I am now in my 4th hospital stay in 3 months for massive GI hemorrhage (from ulcer in terminal ileum) and just trying to understand why surgery is such a last option. They are switching...
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    Officially diagnosed yesterday

    Ironically I am relieved to finally have a Crohn's diagnosis. I have a previous history of Melanoma cancer (fortunately found early), so when I had two severe GI bleeding episodes over the past few months (requiring hospitalization/transfusion), everyone thought that the melanoma had possibly...
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    Hemorrhage/Bleed & Crohn's?

    Hi Everyone, I am new here. 31 yo/female with a wondeful husband, two small children (2.5 and 6 months). Just in the process of being diagnosed this past week based on a biopsy and capsule endoscopy. In the past 2 months I have had two major GI Hemorrhages - both times I went into borderline...