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  1. farmerswifey

    Combination Therapy, too risky?

    My son has recently come out of remission and is back on 6mp, tests and scopes have confirmed this. His primary symptoms are weight loss, anemia, slow growth and sore joints, he doesn't have a lot of tummy/poo issues. Recent EEN hasn't induced remission so his dr is wanting to start Humira but...
  2. farmerswifey

    Happy but confused

    My 12 yr old had scopes, blood tests and pillcam last month, as he hasn't had a big full scope checkup done for over a year. The nurse just called and said there is no sign of Crohn's and everything is normal! I'm waiting for a call back from our doctor (who is a respected and very experienced...
  3. farmerswifey

    Capsule question

    My son had a capsule endoscopy on Tuesday and unlike the previous two he has had where he passed the capsule within a day or two, he hasn't seen this one, he said he's been checking and is thorough. I'm concerned that he has retained it, though wouldn't it be causing issues now or can they stay...
  4. farmerswifey

    Blood test results

    Would love your thoughts on this, 6 wks ago we reduced our sons' 6mp as per his bloods and drs advice, we have just now had bloods done again to see that all is in order. We are still waiting on those results but his ferritin levels have dropped, I wonder is this to do with his reduced dosage...
  5. farmerswifey

    Crohn's and tummy bug

    My son is currently well and in remission :) but he has a tummy bug atm. He hasn't eaten today, brought everything up yesterday and last night, and is weak and sickly today. He can't afford to lose any weight as he's very thinly! I've managed to get him to take sips of electrolye drink and...
  6. farmerswifey

    World IBD Day

    Just wondering is this a recognised awareness day all over the world? Do we acknowledge this day in Australia, because I plan to!
  7. farmerswifey

    Skin Rash?

    My son is taking 6mp/Allipurinol and hasn't had a change of meds, he is in remission atm. We are seeing our GP tomorrow but I wanted to ask if you guys had seen this type of rash before, I'm not sure if it is something he's picked up at school or whether it is Crohn's related. His skin is quite...
  8. farmerswifey

    Going off meds

    My son has been on meds since diagnosis of Crohn's 18 months ago (Allipurinol and 6mp), he is in remission atm, we have just had bloods done for our visit to our Gastro Dr next week. If his bloods come back good and he is still healthy, is it a risk if he stopped medication? I'm not sure what...
  9. farmerswifey

    This shocked me

    As you may know, my son was diagnosed with Crohn's last year, at aged 9. He was a chubby baby, and only now in retrospect, are my husband and I realising that he's had Crohns for much longer. When my son was 4 or 5, my husband used to take him and his sister to the park to kick the footy...
  10. farmerswifey

    Crohns and Nutrition

    I'd love your thoughts on nutrition and kids with Crohns. My son has lost a kilo recently, he is due for blood tests next week so fingers crossed they come back as good as the last ones. He is so thin, we are staying away from problem foods, even though he is in remission, like nuts, corn...
  11. farmerswifey


    I was reading an article from the C and C Foundation of America, and there is something called a Section 504, for handout at schools etc. Do you guys do something like this for your child's school, and is there something similar in Australia? I have already issued a letter to the school about...
  12. farmerswifey

    Son in remission?

    Hi guys, I haven't checked in for a while, hope things are well for you all, or as well as can be! My son is good atm, playing sport, lots of energy and growing! Still taking 6mp and Allipurinol, his last lot of blood tests came back all good, the only test that has come back slightly elevated...
  13. farmerswifey

    Update and questions please

    An update on my son, he has been doing well, taking 6mp with no side effects I can see, had an iron infusion last week as his iron is crazily low. His bloods came back showing the levels in the 6mp were not right - tg is low and 6mmp is high ( I am thinking these are components of the 6mp that...
  14. farmerswifey

    Bit concerned about this

    A lady who has Crohns told me today to be very careful with my sons 6mp, when handling etc, I had no idea about this! Did I not read it in the leaflet, the drs didn't say anything.....what is this stuff I am giving to my son? Best be doing some more reading....but seriously, it must be a...
  15. farmerswifey

    Is this true?

    A lady with Crohn's told me today that I shouldn't handle or touch my son's 6mp tablets because they are very potent and radiactive as they are a leukemia drug...........well?????????
  16. farmerswifey

    Joint pain?

    My son is currently enjoying! his low fibre diet after 7 weeks on EEN. No meds atm until we see the drs next week for his iron infusion and another pillcam scope. But for the last two days he has said he has sore ankles, backs of his legs and his wrists..is this something associated with...
  17. farmerswifey

    Need some food ideas

    My son is currently on a low fibre diet, until we see the dr early Nov another pollcam scan to see what the 7 weeks on EEN has done. I've been reading on what to give him, and I'd love your ideas too. He is not eating the usual nuts, popcorn, seeds, grainy breads, food skins, corn, and I'm...
  18. farmerswifey

    Difference in treatments?

    My son is 9 and is on EEN and has just started 6mp, I wanted to know the difference in treatment options.....such as why some children are prescribed Remicade and others Imuran.....do they all do the same thing?? Inducing remission, healing and removing inflamation etc, I'm so confused lol
  19. farmerswifey

    We've hit a wall - please help!

    My 9 year old son has been doing so well with EEN, drinking up to 10 drinks a day and feeling quite good. We started 6mp last Monday, and for the last 3 days he has been feeling sick, not wanting to drink the drinks (gone from 10 or more a day down to 5) and generally has become teary and upset...
  20. farmerswifey

    Quick question

    I have read here that 6mp shouldn't be taken close to milk products...my son is on EEN but the instructions are to take 1/2 hour before food, which is his milk....any thoughts? Need to contact the dr to clarify tomorrow...