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  1. bozzylozzy

    Long time no see fellow undiagnosed peeps!

    So.. I'm back. Hello again! Only this time I am pregnant! (still early days @8wks) . Where do I begin..? I have been really well controlled over the last couple of years with the odd blip here and there. I was last seen by a gastroenterology about 3 years ago?? Well.. Since being pregnant...
  2. bozzylozzy

    B12 injections stopped

    I have written on here before about the problems I was having in regards to the B12 injections. I started them in july 2013, and have noticed that I get hit with extreme fatigue shortly after the injection and passes within a day or two. anyway.. I called my GPs to book the next injection and I...
  3. bozzylozzy

    After B12 injection - extreme tiredness

    I have been having b12 injections since last july. However.. I have noticed that for the rest of the day following the injection.. I become extremely tired. So tired I struggle to keep my head up! does anyone else get this? After a few days I feel much better. Just a bit confused:ybatty:
  4. bozzylozzy

    Ulcer in my nose?

    I think I have an ulcer in my nose.. it is so so sore.. and when I look its all bright red with white edging... (difficult to describe) it has been there for approx 2 months now. I have had it before.. and it always takes ages to heal. I currently have a few mouth ulcers too. Just wondered if...
  5. bozzylozzy

    Very sore nose and loss of sense of smell

    Hi, the inside of my right nostril feels like the skin has been stripped away and feels red raw :( its hurts just breathing through my nose! It has been like this for 3 months now.. and I have lost my sense of smell. I dont have a cold and dont have any pressure pain on the front of my face...
  6. bozzylozzy

    Lots of bleeding and big D - but my CRP is 4?

    Hi, just seeking a bit of advice really.. ive been having severe diarrheoa with rectal bleeding since 4pm yesterday. when my bowel seems empty, i end up passing a LOT of bloody mucous. without meaning to sound all gross.. but my bum is so sore right now. i was sent to hospital today and they...
  7. bozzylozzy


    fibromyalgia hi peeps! my biopsy results have come back clear with no evidence of IBD. which is obviously good news.. but im still feeling a little low. all my GP keeps talking about is anxiety - but that cant raise my CRP levels surely!?! and i had to set things straight with him - I ONLY GET...
  8. bozzylozzy

    Hot face..

    hot face.. i dont know what it is.. but my face is burning and has gone blotchy. haha.. how strange. anybody else had anything like this? i normally get it when i eat anything with strawberries in.. so obviously i avoid strawberries. :soledance: and all day my eyes have felt like im...
  9. bozzylozzy

    Anyone undiagnosed?

    anyone undiagnosed? hi peeps i thought i'd start a thread to see whats happening with everyone who is undiagnosed.. and also some advice from anyone who has similar issues as me.. I genuinely think that my symptoms are now related to anxiety issues instead of an IBD. Im 24 now, and had...
  10. bozzylozzy

    Klean prep.. i cant drink it!

    klean prep.. i cant drink it! help, i dont know what to do.. im not even half way through my 1st sachet and i want to vomit! :puke_r: any tips on how to finish all 3 to 4 sachets would be greatly appreciated!!
  11. bozzylozzy

    Feeling a bit low

    feeling a bit low so now my GP has referred me for CBT. yaaaay..:voodoo: and ive been referred for physiotherapy on my knees. im just starting to wonder - is my low mood the cause of my physical symptoms,, and that i just need to get a grip?... but i feel low because of my physical symptoms...
  12. bozzylozzy


    colonoscopy.. im really not looking forward to my 1st colonoscopy on the 6th feb. do you really get to watch the screen? i think i might puke looking at my insides my "klean prep" has arrived through the post.. *gulp* any advice for the preparation? im not worried about it being painful...
  13. bozzylozzy

    Ive baffled my doctors - please help

    ive baffled my doctors - please help Please help.. im in limbo at the moment and feeling really low my doctors are stumped as to whats wrong with me. they are querying crohn's disease. my symptoms are: Abdominal pain (lower right side) but also have "patchy"pain elsewhere in my abdomen too...