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  1. Jennjenn


    Hello, I have been really down and frustrated with almost everything lately. I am still not feeling well and my doctor referred me to go to one of his old professors who is now head of an enteroscopy department in a different hospital for a double balloon enteroscopy. The test was last...
  2. Jennjenn


    I had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday and got put on Percoset and Amoxicillin. I am also on Remicade. When I woke up today besides my right side of my mouth being swollen and in pain I started to notice I was a bit red. I took my temp and it is still now not bad but not normal at 99.6...
  3. Jennjenn

    Double balloon enteroscopy

    Hello, I was referred to another GI specialist that my GI wanted me to see. I saw the specialist a month ago and he spent a good 2 hours with my mother and myself going over everything. This included my full medical history, complications from surgeries and present symptoms and problems that I...