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  1. rubberduckie1313

    Diagnosis in question by my new GI, need thoughts

    My GI found ulcers in the duodenum of my small intestines with the pill cam. He has not looked at my large intestines yet but, my previous GI found ulcers and inflammation in my large intestines along with a fissue. My new GI states that the previous findings were "inconlusive" (even though my...
  2. rubberduckie1313

    Never thought I'd have a little celebration about Poop

    I have been out of the hospital for three nights. Starting the second day back, on my new Prednisone taper, diet and supplements I have had the most normal BMs ever! Within two hours of waking up the last two days I have had the most normal BMs in years! I actually texted my significant other to...
  3. rubberduckie1313

    Just spent a night in the hospital :(

    I just got out of the hospital last night. I was in so much pain I couldn't walk, eat, sleep or function. I went into the ER two nights ago, they did a CAT scan, found no large intestinal abnormalities, gave me some fluids and pain meds..then sent me home. Frustrated, I made an appointment with...
  4. rubberduckie1313

    How do you help others understand..

    My name is Rebecca, I am 24 years old and have had Crohn's for 7 years. I am currently a full time online student and work full time. I work in the restaurant industry, which is fast paced and can be taxing on me. Most days I spend most of my time as a Secretary, which is a desk job and I can do...