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  1. Lewiss mum

    Bad flare up again , emergency scopes tomorrow

    He ladies Well I'm back again but with bad news , Lewis has been really ill He's had another two abscess at the same time he's never had two together , he's been on ciprofloxin and metronidazole All this two days after his infliximab treatment , he's been feelin better in himself I think...
  2. Lewiss mum

    I. V port . Has Nyone ever used before just thinking if a good or bad idea

    Hi everyone , Has anyone used a intravenous port for infliximab or other meds for crohns , Lewis did really well today having his iron I'v his dad took him and they had a great day , I think I'm going to stand down , lol I've just been reading of I.v ports and think if he's going to be on...
  3. Lewiss mum

    Hi guys. Were in a flare up

    Hi everyone , god infeel like such a user lol I only usually come here for advice when Lewis is bad , but when he's not in a flare my worrys go away . Then bang. The awful name FLARE UP Arrives Lewis has been doing up until last week , the odd abscess but his body is fighting it him self and...
  4. Lewiss mum

    Both kids are doing o.k

    Hi everyone not updated for a while . Both my kiddi winkles are doing o.k els bloodcame back o.k and her symptoms have settled she goes back to the docs in july so well see how she gets on untill then . Lewis is going from strength to strength he s going for infliximab his afternoon and hes...
  5. Lewiss mum

    My boy is getting better but my girl is getting worse. xx

    hi everyone i hope your all o.k i havnt been on for a while as weve been busy setting up our new doggy day care business. and to be honest lewis is turning the corner . hes going to be on infliximab for another two years and hes having a scope in 4 month hes so much better than he was . hes...
  6. Lewiss mum

    Lewis is doing well but daughter is symptomatic :o(

    Hi guys I havnt posted in a coup,e of weeks since Lewis last abscess he seems to be doing better and is only prob is he bum. My daughter has psoriosis diagnosed at Xmas but had probes with her skin and persistent sore throat . A Xmas she started getting stomach aches for a few days at a time...
  7. Lewiss mum

    Things were going so well :o(

    well i disnt think wed be wrighti g a thread again for a long while lewis has been doing really well amd las night he started with another abscess this one is in a different place amd is new altogether. hes been put on ciprofloxin and metronidozle but i no this is going to warrent a hospital...
  8. Lewiss mum

    Azathioprine take 2 levels dropping again

    hi guys how r u all . well lewis has had a good couple of weeks but his symptoms seem to be creeping back again . hes had tummy ache for two ays on and of .i just dont no what happens differntly for his pain to come back is baffles me . his blood work came back as hes had another bash at the...
  9. Lewiss mum

    Psoriasis and Crohns is there a connection

    Well after q troublesome year with lewis diagnosed as having crohns Today my daughter aged 9 got diagnosed with psoriasis , my doctor looked me straight in the eye and said psoriosis and Crohns go hand in hand we need to moniter Ellie , WHAT !!!! O,k so Ellie a had a terrible rash last yar pics...
  10. Lewiss mum

    Tummy and bum pain. mainly at night . anyone else?

    does anyone else mqinly get pain a night . lew get his from about tea time onwards for most of the niht he does sleep partially but even when he sleeps he moans . is this normal he can go all dqy at the minute and nothing hen bam night comes and it kicks of dos anyone else have this prob or know...
  11. Lewiss mum

    6 year old 10 days on aza with. UTI and abscess

    hi all . my boy has just started taking aza hes been on it for 10 days hes had a uti and now his peri anal abscess has flared up were in hosp on ives his neutraphils are 0.9 . so ive asked for the main consultant to come down as his under studys just keeped saying its low but it should be o.k ...
  12. Lewiss mum

    New meds please let it work

    hi all well from when i last posted things have got worse his pain is constantly there but just enough to let us manage at home weve had several telephone conversations with our ibd nurses aour consultant . weve decided to give lew aziothioprine . hes gotta stop the mebeverine and domperidone...
  13. Lewiss mum

    Diet advice which one do we choose ?

    Hi everyone just wanted to have some advice Lewis is on infliximab infusions and has gone to every 8 weeks , we have seen massive benefits he hasn't had. An abscess for 6 weeks , but he still wakes with tummy ache he has been getting stomach on and of all week during the day which is new for him...
  14. Lewiss mum

    Chronic granulomatous disease !! worrying report from docters

    Hi all , well last week lewis had infliximab and he's been doing great we had to repeat some blood works I asked what for they said said some were inconclusive and I though nothing of it , I have now seen the in a letter and what it was for and chronic granulomatous disease so a neautophil...
  15. Lewiss mum

    In hopsital on lewis birthday :o(

    Hi everyone hope your all well, Well after lewis finished his antibiotics sunday he started to get pain again on the monday and its slowly getting worse they wanted us to come in last nite but we changed his birthday to yesterday we had presents and he went to watch his beloved manchester...
  16. Lewiss mum

    Stressed out! Peri anal abscess AGAIN, arrrhhhhhhh

    We just had been release from our second home, Manchester children's hospital. Good I'm so sick of this I'm seriously getting annoyed, how can he have another abscess he only had his fistula laid open in July, since then he's had ciproxin metronidozle , flucoxicillin and now co amoxicillin...
  17. Lewiss mum

    No bowl movement for 4 days .?

    Has anyone any advice Lewis had his colonoscopy thursday last week he had a bm after but nothing since is this normal I've given him lactulose yesterday and today bu still nothing , is his bowl just holding everything after being cleaned out , ?:strawberry:
  18. Lewiss mum

    Hi All My son age 5 has just been diagnosed

    Hi everyone , well were do I start I.ll give u all a quick rub through of were we've been the past 3 years lew started with pain 2009 then 30 hospital visits, 3perianal surgerys, lost count of the times he's has peri anal abscess,s , septicaemia , stomach ache pain . Diarraiah , 2 gastor docs...