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  1. Harper05

    Sphincterotomy and running?

    I had one 2.5 months ago and I'm still sore.. I just started running again, I'm wondering if I'm making it worse? In my opinion it hurts regardless, so I'm not sure if running is making it worse or not... I see my doc next week, but in the meantime thought I would check here.
  2. Harper05


    can anyone tell me how the recovery is? I had the surgery two weeks ago and I'm still really sore..
  3. Harper05

    Abscess drained. Healing time

    Hi all, I am new here. I had an abscess wrongly diagnosed as a thombrosed hemmy, 2 months ago. Long story short I had the abscess drained 6 weeks ago, it was a very small perianal abscess. The doctor never really told me the healing time. 2 weeks ago it was itchy, now it kind of hurts after a...