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  1. mugsymagoos

    Question about eating with a stricture

    Hello! My daughter just had her ileostomy reversed after having it for two years due to a doctor perforating her colon during a colonoscopy. She now has scarring and a stricture in her colon. Can anyone give me some do's and dont's on what to eat with a stricture? Obviously no nuts...
  2. mugsymagoos


    Does anyone here have information about having a stricture in the sigmoid colon? Thank you!!!
  3. mugsymagoos

    Colorectal Surgeon

    Can anyone recommend the BEST colorectal surgeon they know or have heard about for a second opinion please? Anywhere in the US, just want names of the best. Thank you!!
  4. mugsymagoos


    Hello! Any updates of others that are currently on Stelara? My daughter just got her first injection this past Monday! Therese
  5. mugsymagoos


    Is anyone here that is using Stelara giving the injections themselves or to their child at home? Thanks for any info! Therese
  6. mugsymagoos


    What supplements along with the prescribed meds does your child take? Probiotics etc???? Therese
  7. mugsymagoos

    Swollen eyelids?

    Has anyone's child ever had red swollen eyelids?? At first we thought maybe it was a stye, but now the same thing on the other eye. We go to the dr. Monday. Also, sores on scalp? Thanks for any info! Therese
  8. mugsymagoos

    Cimzia/6mp Question?

    Hello! My daughter has crohn's and a temp illeostomy due to a perforated colon last year. She is now seeing Dr. Cangemi up at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, and we are still waiting for the illeostomy to be reversed. She has not had any type of re-section or anything, just the illeostomy to...
  9. mugsymagoos

    Question on temp ileostomy reversal

    Hello, My daughter will be scheduled for an ileostomy reversal soon. She has not had a resection or her colon removed. She had the temp ileostomy just to rest her colon after it was perforated during a colonoscopy. Has anyone here had this reversal procedure done after having the temp...
  10. mugsymagoos

    Question on temp ileostomy reversal

    Hello! My daughter has a temporary ileostomy due to her colon being perforated during a colonoscopy. She has had the temp ileostomy since June, and will have it reversed sometime this year. Does anyone here have experience on the recovery time, and what to expect after the reversal?? Thanks...
  11. mugsymagoos

    Cimzia and 6MP together?

    Hello! My 17 year old daughter just started this combination of drugs for her Crohn's. Has anyone else taken these two together? Thanks for any info!!