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  1. J_Matrix

    Negative Surgeon?

    Hi, I am suffering from a stricture, located at the join created when I had my original surgery for crohn's back in the day. I have had several colonoscopy dilations, without success and now my only option is surgery. The stricture is only 1 inch long and it between my large and small bowel...
  2. J_Matrix

    Stent for stricture

    Hi. I have a stricture where my surgeon joined together my small and large bowel after a resection of some of my ileum. But I have a build up of scar tissue and occasionally it causes me block. I used to have colonoscopy dilation done to correct it, and this worked a trick for a while as I had...
  3. J_Matrix

    It's that time of year again

    I work in an open plan office and its this time of year when everyone around me seems to be coughing, sneezing and generally spreading their germs. Here I am currently taking two types of drugs that lower my immune system (AZA and Infliximab) desperately trying to keep healthy. Just wish...