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  1. The Real MC

    Another trigger food uncovered

    The last five years the only issues I have with CD is abdominal cramps due to a trigger food. I managed to identify the culprits but CD can develop a new reaction at any time. I recently had to add popcorn to the list, and I had been eating it regularly without issues - no more. I like the...
  2. The Real MC

    Stomach Flu - similar symptoms to CD cramps

    I caught the stomach flu last week (yay me!) Initially I was confused because the symptoms were similar to abdominal cramps when crohns has a reaction to something I ate. The first night was the worst, vomiting and cramps for 10 hours. Slight dehydration and brief periods of chills...
  3. The Real MC

    Rejecting my doctor

    My CD is mild compared to most cases. Back in 2013 I developed a reaction to certain foods (abdominal cramps, sometimes a blockage), figured out which foods they were, and have adjusted my diet. For the last two years this has worked great. I was problem-free until last fall when one of those...
  4. The Real MC

    Very positive report following Colonoscopy

    My follow-up with my GI relating to my colonoscopy on 8/24 was today. Other than the stricture (report called it "inflammation"), my piping was pretty much unremarkable. I told my GI that other than one episode, I had been free of problems in the last six months through diet (eliminating...
  5. The Real MC

    Colonoscopy Monday! Hooray!!!

    ...I just hate the day before though... :poo:
  6. The Real MC

    Eating at restaurants

    My doctor had suggested a gluten-free diet to help the chronic abdominal cramps I had been experiencing. So far I have isolated raw nuts, foods with high starch, and processed cheese as triggers to my cramps. None of those have gluten so I had my doubts about the diet but I would try anything...
  7. The Real MC

    Honey & Yogurt relieves abdominal cramps

    Last night as bedtime approached I felt another episode of abdominal cramps coming on. Felt more like indigestion than a blockage (belly is soft). As I laid in bed the cramps were getting worse. I really didn't want my holiday vacation ruined by cramps. I tried some yogurt from the fridge...
  8. The Real MC

    Interesting research on Crohns

  9. The Real MC

    Did you develop Crohns after being sick with the Flu?

    I haven't seen this discussed here but I did read in a book written by a doctor that there is a suspicion that Crohns is connected with the Flu. I developed Crohns shortly after a really bad Flu. Not only that, my sense of smell got more sensitive. Flu viruses can really wreak havoc with your...
  10. The Real MC

    Narrow Miss

    Friday night I had an attack from Crohns. Waves of pain growing in intensity in the upper abdomen. The pain got so intense and I was getting dehydrated so I went to the ER. They gave me a painkiller IV that eased the pain. Cat scan showed a partial blockage, they said this type usually...
  11. The Real MC

    Blockage and oat bran

    While traveling internationally on business, I felt like I had developed a blockage. I would get brief abdominal pain a few times a day. When I got back home, I decided to try oat bran with water. Oat bran has health benefits for those suffering from IBS. I ate the oat bran at noon and at...
  12. The Real MC

    New to forum but not new to Crohns

    Just found this resourceful forum... Hello! I was diagnosed with Crohns at age 42 after a mild attack. The first symptoms appeared soon after I recovered from a bad flu. There are suspicions of a connection between the flu and Crohns. My doctor back then recommended daily calcium pills. That...