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  1. Moriati

    Is your Crohn's usually worse in the morning?

    Since being diagnosed 3 years ago, I have noticed a pattern in which sometimes I will be woken by mild-medium Crohn's stomach cramps in the morning, for a few days or a week, usually when I am not managing my stress correctly. Thought I would ask other Crohnies and UCers, are your symptoms...
  2. Moriati

    Questions about Humira/biologic meds?

    So, I have been on Humira for approximately 1 and a half years now. I have achieved perfect remission in terms of Crohn's - no stomach pain, no diarrhea, and I can eat anything!!! It's great! But... I have a question about biologic medications/TNF blockers that the internet has not been able to...
  3. Moriati

    On Humira Now!! Concerns....??

    So, I have been put on Humira as of today. I honestly have no idea whether it will work yet just because it's only been one day, but my main concerns are: 1. What are the chances of it actually working!?!? I've had conflicting information from different sources but I read somewhere it's a...
  4. Moriati

    Suicidal thoughts - help

    Suicidal thoughts warning, just for anyone who needs the trigger warning. I'm in a really bad place at the moment. I think it was triggered by going to the emergency room at 1am a few days ago, and having them send me away with a bunch of painkillers instead of the prednisone I desperately need...
  5. Moriati

    Lying about symptoms to get on Humira!?

    So basically, my dad is a GP and has been very helpful in speeding things along in the slow and torturous process of having this disease - I recently had to get an appointment with a surgeon, but instead of the standard 4 to 6 weeks wait I got to see someone in a week (because of his contacts)...
  6. Moriati

    HELP PLEASE ... not sure if anal fissure or hemmoroid or fistula!?!?

    So, I've been in intense pain whenever I've had a BM in the last week or two... I've had anal fissures before that have gone away (pre-Crohn's diagnosis) but I'm wondering if this one is more sinister? My butt hurts all day after a BM, and the pain only subsides if I haven't taken a poop in a...
  7. Moriati

    Journeys in Prednizone - SIDE EFFECTS

    So, after being diagnosed with Crohn's and discharged from the hospital, I am now on my third day of prednizone medication. They are planning to have me on it for about a month, and slowly taper off. The meds seem to be taking effect, hurrah! :) as my stomach cramps have greatly receded, and my...