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  1. ce1210

    Haven’t been here in a while, gotten control of my disease with cannabis oil and testosterone injections

    I was diagnosed around 5 years ago. Upon initial diagnosis I was put on prednisone and sulfasalazine. Then switched to 6-mp, then was supposed to be put on humira. Upon investigating humira, I decided I was done with my GI doc and went a quest for remission through my own research and trial and...
  2. ce1210

    Cannabinoids in Breast Milk

    I found this quite interesting as I've heard that breast milk could be good for crohn's and I wonder if breast milk vs. formula could have any bearing on a potential crohn's diagnosis later in life...now they find naturally occurring cannabinoids in breast milk too...
  3. ce1210

    Cannabinoids Cool the Intestine

    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2516444/ some science behind how cannabis could potentially be a 1st line treatment or "cure" for crohn's disease...
  4. ce1210

    Stem Cell Med Trial for Crohn's?

    I recently talked to my doctor about my medication options as I have been taking 9 mg of Entocort since July and am finally beginning to taper off. He wanted me to start 6-mp but I didnt wanna take anything that had cancer as a possible side effect and talked him into giving me LDN. While we...
  5. ce1210

    Has anyone tried Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Crohn's?

    The title pretty much says it all...just wondering if anyone has tried it. I read that some trials have shown promise but theres trouble with the data. I think if I could heal myself with Oxygen that would be pretty awesome....
  6. ce1210

    How to get LDN prescribed in Tennessee?

    I plan to ask my doctor about LDN Thursday (or should I say tell my doctor about LDN...) but I cant find any evidence of an LDN compounding pharmacy in my area. So even if my doc will prescribe it (which I doubt), where the heck would I get it?
  7. ce1210

    6-mp and HSTCL / Has anyone gotten cancer from 6-MP?

    I read that 6-mp has caused crohn's patients to develop hepatosplenic T cell lymphoma...my doc prescribed me to 6-mp a few days ago and I can't bring myself to take it, anybody get cancer or know of anybody that did after taking 6-mp?
  8. ce1210

    Entocort side effects? hard, painful, swollen lymph node

    I have been on entocort for 1.5 months and yesterday noticed 2 bumps on my left thigh but figured it was acne (the entocort had been giving me some acne) but today I noticed a hard, swollen, painful lymph node in my left groin/ pelvic region and am beginning to freak out. the bumps have gotten...
  9. ce1210

    25 and just diagnosed with Crohn's Colitis

    hi, my name is Chris, I am 25, and I was just diagnosed with crohn's disease. The last 2-3 weeks have been awful...I went to the ER with what I thought was appendicitis or kidney stones or both but to my surprise they diagnosed me w/ crohns and admitted me to the hospital for 3 days. Then a few...