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    Today I'm starting my Ayurveda

    I will take the Ayurveda pills for 15 days (divided throughout the day). And it will hopefully help me, as I've been in a constant flareup for approx. 4 years by now and are getting tired of the whole thing. I will update the Topic after 15 days, to see IF and HOW the treatment helped me, IF...
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    Has anyone had any success with Ayruvedic options?

    Headline says it all. Have you had any success with Ayruvedic options? If so, with which type of supplements/extracts? Looking forward to replies! :)
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    Anyone tried Boswella for Crohn's?

    Hello, I've been reading some studies regarding Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis, and the use of Boswella. Has anyone tried it? My problem is that I'm always in a flareup, and I got a chronic infection in my inestines that wont back off, no matter what. I've been in a flearup for almost 4 years by...