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  1. Sophabulous

    B12 blood test query

    Hi all, Potentially stupid question alert. My IBD nurse has sent me a form in the post to get my B12 checked. I can only get the blood test done on a Thursday as phlebotomy at the hospital is open late, but the problem is I’m leaving work early tomorrow as it is to go and get my B12 jab and...
  2. Sophabulous

    Not sure what’s going on...

    Not sure what’s going on... Hi all I haven’t posted in forever, mostly because I’ve been doing amazingly well, but I’ve still been lurking and reading all your posts etc. Unfortunately I’m finding myself in a position where I need all of your collective knowledge & advice again! So I started...
  3. Sophabulous

    Upper GI Issues

    Hi all I’m having some issues, I have duodenal activity and ulcers so guessing this is stemming from that although symptoms are new to me. I am getting terrible upper trapped wind, it feels like there’s a melon lodged between my ribs and I can barely eat for fear of making it worse. Secondly...
  4. Sophabulous

    Trapped Wind/Indigestion

    Hi all For a few days on and off I’ve been having issues with trapped wind, or at least that’s what I think it is. Between the bottom of my sternum and my belly button it just feels ‘inflated’ and although it’s come and gone for maybe a week, today it’s been constant all day and it’s getting...
  5. Sophabulous

    Air Traffic Control

    I know this is really random, but it’s baffled me so I have to ask! I’ve just been looking at an advert online recruiting for air traffic controllers. I live fairly close to an airport I thought that could be a really interesting job so I was just curious really about the requirements. There’s...
  6. Sophabulous

    Feeling worse after first infusion?

    Hi all After a long wait I had my first infusion on Friday. It all went well and I was told some people start to feel better as soon as the next day, but I would likely be very tired Friday night which I was. However I feel much worse since I’ve had the infusion :-( yesterday I had to go back...
  7. Sophabulous

    Uk patients, RCGP IBD toolkit for GP’s

    Uk patients, RCGP IBD toolkit for GP’s http://www.rcgp.org.uk/IBD
  8. Sophabulous

    Brain Fog/Cognitive Issues

    Hi all Any tips for dealing with the above? I don’t think being under pressure is helping but honestly my GP and IBD nurse can’t explain or help me much. Any tips would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance
  9. Sophabulous

    Microbiome Testing

    Hi all I’ve just become aware of the fact you can send off an at home microbiome kit for feedback on what you’re lacking amongst other things. Has anyone ever done this and found it to be helpful? It’s not available on the NHS and isn’t exactly cheap but if I thought it might have some benefit...
  10. Sophabulous

    Recipe Book

    Hi all So after months of debating whether to get one I asked for a juicer for Christmas and Santa has delivered! [emoji318][emoji5] I’ve been looking through some of the recipes on here which are great! I was wondering if anyone can recommend a recipe book they swear by? I don’t want to get...
  11. Sophabulous

    Strange lump

    Hi all Tonight I’ve noticed a small red lump on my right buttock (sorry if tmi, but I feel way past that these days ha ha!) It’s really hard to explain, but the closest thing I could liken it to is a medium sized wart, but like a fleshy red colour. It’s not a scab and doesn’t have a ‘head’ as...
  12. Sophabulous

    Liquid diet help

    Hi all As some of you know I was put back on the liquid diet (Ensure plus) recently, although due to delays at the GP surgery processing the prescription and the pharmacy having to order in stock I only started it properly this week. I don’t know whether to call my dietitian or IBD nurse...
  13. Sophabulous

    Fatigue/Generally feeling awful

    Hi all I’ve been feeling pretty run down for a few weeks, and I’ve been fighting off a cold for nearly 3 weeks now. I was already pretty fatigued anyway, but now it’s becoming a joke. I went to the GP 2 weeks ago when this had been going on for a few days and had bloods taken, as well as...
  14. Sophabulous

    Work stress & IBD

    How do you all deal with stress at work? I’ve been flaring for a while anyway, and now (for reasons I won’t bore you with) my workload has quadrupled at least. This happened a month ago, and I’m already SO behind it’s unbelievable. I have no control over this, and despite it being badly...
  15. Sophabulous


    Hi all I always find it takes a while for a cold/virus to fully take hold. Does this happen to others too? For example last Thursday I had a terrible banging headache, along with nausea and generally felt like crap. I’ve been extra tired ever since, but then today I’ve had the same feeling of...
  16. Sophabulous


    Hi all I posted a while back about pain relief as I started to get some horrible waves of pain across my whole abdomen, like the cramps you get with food poisoning but with no relief. This has developed into a searing pain on the right side just underneath my ribcage, and my GI consultant says...
  17. Sophabulous


    Hi all Here's another instalment in my long and frustrating journey to starting this drug! I was at the hospital today and my consultant said that my blood seems to show I've been exposed to TB at some point, and therefore it's not safe to start treatment until this has been investigated. I...
  18. Sophabulous


    So about 3 months ago I asked to be referred to a different hospital. The place I'm currently treated at has a myriad of staffing issues and quite frankly, it's got to the point where I'm not willing to gamble with waiting 6 months + if I'm lucky for an appointment anymore. My GP was very...
  19. Sophabulous


    Hi all It seems that over 18 months on from diagnosis I am actually starting to get the more mainstream hallmarks of IBD. I'm experiencing more and more new and unwelcome symptoms, although thankfully they aren't too overwhelming. The last few days I've been noticing mucus. This is something...
  20. Sophabulous


    Hi all This is probably a stupid question, but when someone has an intestinal obstruction what actually *is* the obstruction? Is it bad inflammation/scarring/undigested food? Or can it be any number of things? Thanks [emoji5]