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  1. t-bone

    Wife of newly diagnosed husband.

    Wow! Sorry to hear of your husbands many challenges. He's very blessed to have you on his team at home It is very overwhelming at times, but it sounds like you've got a good team to work with and they are up on the wheel getting labs and other testing done. You've come to the right place to...
  2. t-bone

    CT and MRI Scans for Crohn's

    Excellent information! The contrast agents mentioned above should be discussed to your satisfaction pre -procedure Diabetes or liver/kidney issues will require a very thorough risk/benefit analysis of the type of procedure performed and the contrast agents used Excellent point! I can tell...
  3. t-bone

    Humira to Stelara

    Lynda, Your gi docs will help you manage the switchover. The front loading initial dose of stelera is done in clinic, and then you will do home injection as per the docs schedule. The gi clinic will give you guidance on the correct protocol on timing. My wife and I had a travelling nurse do...
  4. t-bone

    Going on biologics or similar- Fear

    K, Hope things are beginning to calm down for you. These are challenging times, and if that wasn't enough, making tough decisions / beginning a new therapy can really take a toll on your balance. Grandmother always used to say "the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step" ...
  5. t-bone

    Should I head to a clinic? Emerge? or wait it out...

    Hospitals aren't fun places, but at least you're where you need to be to get this sorted. Hope you get good news and get things headed the right way.
  6. t-bone

    My Story

    ... sorry to hear about the rough road you've been traveeling The good news is that you're here and you're posting. :) Please, feel free to start any threads you need to to, on any topics you need information on There's some really experienced and knowledgable folks here who can help you...
  7. t-bone

    I got my PhD today

    Thanks for starting this thread and posting this most excellent news! ... After reading your signature, I think your hard work, spirit had a "little" to do with your success ;) Congratulations!
  8. t-bone

    Eek - rash from Humira?

    Sorry to hear you are having this challenge, as you are one of my favorite posters on this forum and always have good advice for members. please elevate your concerns with your ibd clinic, and consider adding your pcp into the communication loop I learned the hard way how quickly skin things...
  9. t-bone

    3 Questions For a Nutritionist (what are yours?)

    ... going to try again to get some assistance from my hospital staff on nutrition. The last few attempts have been ... discouraging ... It's very unfortuante that "professionals" in many g.i. clinics just don't believe in folks working on their own on targeted nutrition and/or supplements to...
  10. t-bone

    Sex related question

    63, go back and read the original post it is about "sex", ... and a choice a member made (after much agonizing and thinking about it), and the results of that choice Following up on what happened had to have been very difficult for them, but follow up they did ... for all of us to learn from...
  11. t-bone

    Elevated Hemocrit and Hemoglobin

    Sorry I haven't updated this posting, I was blessed with an exceptional doc (and supporting staff) for this appointmenmt last month We're still running down the *potential* causes for this particluar complication, but the doc did a series of very involved tests, including looking for a genetic...
  12. t-bone

    Lasik eye surgery

    Lucky, Only you can decide if it's the right choice for you. There's a lot of factors to consider, and the risk is not zero However, the benefits to this procedure are many, and will last a good long time. It sounds like you may be a good candidate to achieve excellent results. There's a few...
  13. t-bone

    Does anyone know if 10mg prednisone is still immunocompromising?

    It looks like you have been having quite the series of challenges this year. People who have never lived thru a full blown sinus infection have no idea how impactfull they can be I hadn't has one for about ten years, but got one for christmas It's been mostly mild compared to the past, but...
  14. t-bone

    Advice please

    ... heh ... it's actually my dogs name "T-Bon"-e , (the "e" is for esquire) Named by a seven year old :)
  15. t-bone

    Advice please

    Yeah, this the place! I know exactly what you mean about the "not knowing"! It's so frustrating to not know what the future is going to bring One thing my Grandmother always used to say is; worry is the interest we pay on our problems I still think that's one of the best ways to put it...
  16. t-bone

    Advice please

    Sarah, Welcome to the forum! This the place, to discuss anything and everything so happy you found it! The members here are some of the most knowledgable and compassionate people you'll ever find. There's no topic, no circumstance, no situation that at least one of us hasn't been through...
  17. t-bone

    Colonoscopy Prep Tips

    .... it's that time again One thing that I've found usefull is to use Bayer A and D ointment (it's meant for a babies diaper rash) It "waterproofs" things a little better than the other things I've tried in the past The hydorcortisone creams helps quite a bit after the skin is irritated, but...
  18. t-bone

    Crohns Disease & Hysterectomy (A WARNING)

    Thank you for making this post detailing your experiences Anytime you're dealing with two conditions, and one causes the other to worsen, it's a tough call My wife dealt with uterine fibroids for years, and I can attest to your experiences of it being a troublesome and painfull situation She...
  19. t-bone

    Elevated Hemocrit and Hemoglobin

    Thanks for the timely and helpful reply! I'm not gonna lie, this particular problem and this appointment are a bit ... concerning ...
  20. t-bone

    Elevated Hemocrit and Hemoglobin

    Latest labs show the trend continues to get worse doc says i have to go to the blood disorders clinic, ASAP when i called to make an appointment , they said they were presently booking mid to late January soonest,( even urgent cases she said) doc must have intervened behind the scenes as i...