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    Clean diet dilemma

    I have crohns in my ileum and I'm in remission but because of the scarring I cannot have foods high in fiber. My dilemma is I'm following a weightlifting clean lifestyle but the diet throws me off. Everything recommended to eat is off limits ( whole nuts, berries,seeds, high fiber bread,etc) I...
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    Bowel movement nightmare!

    Yesterday I was cramping for hours and then late into the night the cramps got severe. The whole ordeal was hours and nothing was coming out. I was shaking, holding on to the wall and screaming, and threw up. Its was so painful I thought I was going to die. I kept getting cold. Finally I passed...
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    Losing weight while on a low residue diet

    I recently got out of the hospital and was put on a low residue diet. Only problem is I want to continue to lose body fat. Seems like I can't eat anything good for me. Any suggestions for meals or snacks that aren't full of white flour, rice or cereal.
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    Humira and Rash?

    I started humira last month and now i have horrible itchy skin around my neck,chest,ears. When i shower it gets really red. When i put lotion on it ,it burns. Anyone else had this happen. Not sure if its connected.
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    How many mg's of imuran do "you" take?

    I'm not sure what mg i started out at but i was on 50mg then up to 75mg. and its seem like for a few weeks i would feel good then my symptoms would start agian. The doctor then put my dose at 75mg and i was good for a few weeks and now im started to have the cramps agian. Just curious what...
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    Breathing issues related to meds?

    Im not sure if whats going on is related to my meds but my symptoms have been going on since i started taking all this medication. It could have started before when i had my son in february. But when i wake up in the morning im fine then i go to sit up and i feel like i can't catch my breath...
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    Flaring back up agian with imuran?

    I've been on imuran for about a month now and my gi told me to give it atleast 6 weeks for it to work. From what i've read its usually 8-12weeks for it to have full effect. But each day im having more and more cramps and pain in the spot above my belly button. This is the spot where i had pain...
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    Dizziness on imuran?

    I've been on imuran for almost a month now and im having weird side effects off and on. I'll wake up and my whole body will just be sore like i have the flu and my eyes are really dry. Now Im having issues with dizziness. But the symptoms aren't everyday. I told my gi about the body aches but he...
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    Pain when I eat.

    I went into my gi office for a regular visit a few days ago. I told him about the pain I was having above my belly button ( had the same pain when i went into er at time of diagnosis of crohns). Its like a horrible cramp that makes me want to throw up but I don't. I didn't notice at the time of...
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    Mild crohns?

    Since being diagnosed with crohn's I keep wondering how it is i don't have all the symptoms or most of the symptoms of the typical crohnie. The typical crohn's patient seems to have diarreha or blood in the stool. I've never had these. Is there anyone here who hasn't had this? I just have...
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    Buffalo neck?

    I'm weaning off my prednisone down to 5 mg this week from 20mg. But I noticed a few weeks ago i got buffalo neck along with my moon face. Anyone ever get this and how long did it take to go away after you got off the steriod. Is there anything your doctor can do to get your adrenal glands to...
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    New here!

    Hi Everyone! Thought I would introduce myself to the forum. I hope that the forum will be a source of support during this horrible time in my life. I was recently diagnosed in the last 4 months with crohns disease . I've had symptoms since 2006(age 19, now 25) but none of the doctors thought...
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    Moon face how long for it to go away?

    I've been on 20 mg predisone for 2-3 months. My doctor tried to wean me awhile back and i started cramping agian. But now i can't take it anymore and have an appointment tommrow. I recently got moon face. My question is how does it take the moon face to go away. I have a trip planned in two...