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    Large Intestine Stricture removal Crohn's Colitis

    Hello all, I was diagnosed about a month ad a half ago after at least 5 years of pain and discomfort. I started seeing my PCP about it about 4 years ago and was told basically it was stress and IBS. Finally after demanding a referral to a GI which admittedly I should have done sooner. Sometimes...
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    Prednisone Treatment ?'s

    Hello, Some of you may know I was recently diagnosed with Crohns Colitis. I have a stricture in my transverse colon that was blocking the scope from going any further. I was referred for CT scan and to see a surgeon as I was told this was scar tissue and that it can only be removed. I had the Ct...
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    Undiagnosed years of digestive pain. Now approaching answers

    Hello everybody, I've come here to try and get opinions of real people that are most knowledgeable about possibly what I'm going through. To start when I as 9 months old I went from 20-15 pounds and couldn't hold down any food, I was hospitalized 6 weeks and put on IV nutrition as my intestines...