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    Biolift procedure

    Hi all! Im relatively new here and would love to hear your views on the biolift procedure for my anal fistula that im due to have. Has anyone had this procedure done? I have had 13 ops in the last 22 months without success and currently have a draining seton in place .
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    Temporary stoma

    Hi all i need some help and advice :sign0085: I wont go into to much detail but since june 2013 ive had 13 surgeries for what was a perianal abscess which created a fistula that goes through both the bowel muscles and is deep. I currently have a draining seton in which was replaced last...
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    Newly Diagnosed. How long till meds work?

    Hi all ive just recently been diagnosed with crohns. I also have perianal fistula and a seton in place. I started prednisone, pentas and metronidazole last week, how long do these meds take to start working please :)