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    Covid vaccination for teen kid

    Hi, Did any of you got your teen vaccinated? Myself & my husband had very bad reactions to covid vaccine (Pfizer). We both had very sore & swollen lymph nodes (on our neck). We had it for 10 days and were not able to move our neck. It was really really bad. I had to get an ultrasound of my...
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    Humira: Injection Site Reaction

    Hi! My son started Humira 3.5 months ago. He's on 40mg every other week along with Imuran 75mg. He seems to be doing good health wise but he's having very bad injection site reaction after couple of hours of the shot. The pen is citrate free. He did not have reactions during the first 4 shots...
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    100mg imuran for a 13 year old boy. Suggestions please!!

    Hi, I'm back. Let me brief my son's journey so far. We are basically from India, living in United States from the last 7+ years. My son was diagnosed with moderate-severe Crohn's disease in April'2015. His Crohn's disease was limited to several parts of the colon. No involvement of small...
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    Traveling to India

    We are planning for a month long vacation to India in February 2017. It's my only brother in law's wedding and my in-laws want us to be there. My son is currently taking budesonide ( was on Remicade earlier this year, which failed.., so we had to stop it). He's doing so much better with...
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    How high were your Remicade antibodies before switching the medicine? We need to make a decision soon.

    My son's Remicade antibody level is 100 and the doctor is suggesting us to switch to Humira. His Remicade level is also Zero. He's been having infusion reactions. I would like to know how high were your antibodies before changing the medications. I don't want to lose Remicade so easily. He's...
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    Calcium supplements while on steroids

    Hi! What calcium supplements are you giving your kids? My son is 9 and 1/2 years old now. Also..suggestions on digestive enzymes please...
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    I'm back again with my concerns.

    Hi I'm back with a list of concerns. You might see my original post here Things are not going great with my son. He was diagnosed exactly an year ago on the same day. We are still nowhere near to remission.... We started remicade last october (2015). After his first two loading doses, he...
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    Help needed in deciding the medications. Doctor is suggesting Remicade.

    My son (8 year old) was diagnosed with Crohn's in April 2015. He was on a course of steroids (30mg. His weight was 50 lbs) for 8 weeks and then tapered. He was admitted to get IV steroids for 3 days. The steroids have definitely helped him, but he's still not in remission. Our doctor did C-diff...
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    Looking for a good pediatric IBD specialist in and around Detroit

    Hi, My son is diagnosed with moderate-severe Crohn's 6 month back. He was put on a course of steroids and got admitted for IV steroids too. But, his symptoms have not improved. Now, doctor wants us to try Remicade. We are basically from India and we are in Michigan from the last 4 years. We...