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    Sticky Medical Marijuana for Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

    Those results are underwhelming to say the least. The treatment group did not show statistically significant improvement on their primary outcome measure and had a lot of people drop out due to adverse effects. Sounds like that particular formulation has a ways to go before market.
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    CT results question: "mural thickening and fatty infiltration"

    I'm hoping I can get some help on interpreting CT results. The report boils down to the following impression: "Mural thickening and fatty infiltration of the terminal ileum [consistent with CD]. No evidence of active inflammation at this time. No evidence of bowel obstruction." Given that...
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    What if I miss a day on a 3-day stool test?

    After 10 days of diarrhea, my GI doc ordered a stool test where I'm supposed to take samples over three consecutive days. Day 1 was fine, but I didn't have a BM today. What do I do? Just give in two samples or add another day? I will try to call the lab tomorrow, but am not sure how easy it...
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    How quickly can a fistula form?

    I'd like to hear people's thoughts on how quickly a fistula can form. I had an MRI at the beginning of September where the radiologist said it looked like there was some activity in the intestinal wall between two inflamed loops that looked like it was headed towards a fistula. I'm wondering...
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    What are you thankful for today?

    My family has a nightly ritual around the dinner table of each person saying something that he or she is thankful for. I've found for me that that daily practice of taking time to be mindful of things that are going well is good for keeping positive and putting things in perspective. Having...
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    Frozen fruit smooshies

    I'm completely obsessed with putting frozen fruit through our masticating juicer. It kicks out such yummy frozen dessert that my kids actually beg for it as a special treat. It has become our favorite dessert. Our freezer is loaded with bags of precut fruit (cut to the size of the opening of...
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    Dabbling vs. all-in for diets?

    So I've had numerous people telling me to try various diet options including SCD and paleo, but am just not sure I have the dedication to really stick with it. Are there benefits to making some changes along these lines without committing to the whole system? It seems like absolute adherence...
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    Freaked out facing reality

    Hi everyone. I'm new here and really just getting started on actually facing what's been going on with my Crohn's. Since being diagnosed in early 2013, I've really dragged my feet on taking care of things. After over a year of usually not even being able to read about Crohn's for more than a...