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    Had my colonoscopy done almost 5 weeks ago, no response from my gastro doc?

    Hi folks I had my colonoscopy 5 weeks ago, they found a single erosion in my terminal ileum, the biopsy came back as benign, I have not heard from my gastro doc yet? is this normal? 5 weeks and no returned calls about the results?. Should i be going to find a new doc? this is kind of strange...
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    Cant we all help them figure this out?

    I was just reading some of these posts and it dawned on me, there is a common denominator among all of the postsers and responses, there is so many variants of both symptoms and possible causes that is the common denominator. Maybe we all write lists down of symptoms and let doc and researchers...
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    Ok so i had my Colonoscopy, heres what they found

    according to the doc after surgery., my entire examined colon,large intestine was normal, they found a singular erosion in my terminal ileum, she took a biopsy i should know more in a couple weeks. I read some about it and it looks like finding a singular erosion means about a 50/50 shot at it...
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    can a crohns flare last 4 months? then just go away?

    Hi Folks I am sure a couple of you have read what im going through, i have a question regarding a crohns flare, whatever is going on with my guts dont make sense, i stopped all dairy again and it seems like its going away, within days i had energy back my guts feel so much better its unreal...
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    I very new to this, my pain doesnt sound like crohns please help me

    Hi Folks I been having gut issues as long as i can remember, my docs wrote it off to IBS, finally a doc listened and started testing, a fecal test came back crohns, then when i talked to my doc he said he was not so sure now, he saw a scan with contrast from last year and it looked clean...
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    Think i have had this a long time, not diagnosed yet but what a kick in the gut literally

    Hi everyone I have had gut problems since i was young, they said gastro something back then, i was put on zantac at some point and was on that for 20 plus years, I am 53 now, recovering from a TBI and from gall bladder removal last year that caused pancreatitis, about two years after i had my...