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    Help! Family Doctor needed in Vancouver

    If you can't find a doctor in your city, and you don't have enough time for searching for one, I can recommend making an online appointment with the doctor. I am also a doctor and I am making only online sessions because it is very dangerous to be a doctor because of the COVID-19. The risks of...
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    A Crohn's related skin question

    Six months ago, my husband began to itch some areas on his legs and face in this way. We thought it was psoriasis, but still decided to go to the doctor. After a series of tests, it turned out to be skin cancer. It was a tragedy for our family. What, it was necessary to do the operation and we...
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    Anxiety with Budesonide

    I know that many people experience this with this medication. I have honestly seen my brother struggle with it himself. He has had Crohn's since he was 15 and he has tried a lot of different medications throughout the years, especially since his doctors wanted to postpone the colostomy procedure...
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    Draining Seton -- lots of pain normal?

    I personally think that pain is kind of subjective. Some pain is normal. A lot of pain is never good. I personally have had many different situations where I would have pain flare-ups and honestly it has been really tough to fight off the symptoms sometimes. I personally have tried many...