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    Searching for a good hospital in the UK

    Hello, hope everyone's doing well. Sorry if this is not the right section for this thread, if not feel free to fix it :) I am from Dubai, I have had Crohns for 5 years now, fistulating crohns to be specific.. I did abscess draining and seton attachment surgery 2 years ago with no luck.. So now...
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    Pelvic lymph nodes!!! :(

    Hello, hope you are well. Sorry i am not sure if this is the right place i cant think well! I am losing it here I did an MRI Pelvis today and when i read the report there wass a line that said something about musle inhancement in the lower rectum and "enlarged pelvic lymph nodes" !!! I have...
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    When does infliximab start to kick in ?

    Hello, Hope everyone is just fine! I am new here so hey ooh :) boy I'll make it short, I have peri-anal fistulas for 2 years now. Was put on some meds that doctors now say not so effective anymore. Developed some peri-anal abscesses. Did a surgery 70 days ago draind abscess and 4 setons were...