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    Drugs in Clinical Trial

    As anyone here been on or know someone who has been on Upadacitinib or Risankizumab? My doctor suggested these two clinical trials to join and I'm looking to hear someone's experience. Thank you!
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    Rectal Prolapse Surgery

    I've had crohn's disease for a bunch of years and have had a rectal prolapse for almost two years. It took a while for the drs to diagnose it because I'm so young and have no risk factors like constipation. I saw a surgeon at one of the top three pediatric IBD centers recently who told me that...
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    What to expect with a strictureplasty?

    I had a resection a year ago and most likely will need a strictureplasty. What should I expect? How many days in the hospital? How many days recovering at home? Thanks everyone.
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    Lyme treatment and Humira

    Just diagnosed with Lyme disease after pretty bad joint pain headaches etc. Typical symptoms. Going in tomorrow to discuss treatment options. Anyone have experience with Crohns meds and Lyme antibiotics? Specifically Humira? Thanks