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  1. marcia

    Cimzia ~ strange side effects or is it me???

    Hello all ~ I have a couple of strange side effects that have happened since I began Cimzia and my doctor does not seem to be of any help with these so I am wondering if anyone else has had these. So I have had my first two doses of Cimzia ~ it has been three weeks since my first injection. I...
  2. marcia

    Non-prescription pain relief

    I am wondering what any of you might use for relief of pain that is non-prescription. I am asking this since I am in extreme pain (have been for a couple of days and my GI is out of town so the pharmacy will not refill my pain meds). I have been taking Tylenol and using a heating pad but it does...
  3. marcia

    Crohn's and depression

    This has probably been talked about before but I could not find a current thread. In the past I have suffered from severe depression at times and have been on many anti-depressants. I am entering this phase again and this will be the first time since I was diagnosed with Crohn's. My doctor does...
  4. marcia

    Marcia's story

    My name is Marcia and I was officially “blessed” with the diagnosis of Crohn’s in March of 2005. I have always had a nervous stomach, at least those are the terms my doctors have always used. I just turned 34, but I can remember symptoms starting when I was around 17 years old. I gave birth to...