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    Low B12

    Thanks Lisa, were you tested for pernicious anemia? Or is the deficiency associated with your Crohn's?
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    Low B12

    I have been diagnosed with low b12 (my level is 148). I am struggling to understand why this may be. I don't think it is my diet as I eat meat daily. I would be surprised if it is due to my crohn's. While my crohn's is in my terminal ileum, where b12 is absorbed, I am in remission and my last...
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    Being Told to go on Imuran after surgrey

    I had Crohn’s unknowingly for about 5 years before it caused a perforation, therefore since my diagnosis I have always known I was going to have to risk drug side-effects than risk this disease. I’ve been on imuran now for 5 years, and it’s been 10 years since my surgery so it’s clearly made a...
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    Question regarding isolated small bowel Crohns and progression (and diet)

    I have heard of people who have needed to get a diagnosis via a pill cam so that could be an option. I have the thing you describe with the blunted duodenum however my disease is visible at the terminal ileum. They did wonder whether coeliac disease may cause the upper GI problems. Have you had...
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    I got my PhD today

    I’ve had Crohn’s since a teenage (though undiagnosed for quite some time). I had a horrible time getting a diagnosis and severe Crohn’s that required emergency surgery to treat a perforation 10 years ago. I’m 32 soon and today I passed my viva and have been awarded my PhD! I now work full-time...
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    Weight gain

    Thank you :-) I achieved it through always eating breakfast, lunch and dinner (used to always miss breakfast) and through regular snacking throughout the day.
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    Weight gain

    Hello! Since lockdown (March 2020) I have slowly gained weight and now weigh the most I have ever in my life! My BMI is currently about 21.
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    Update on my life

    Hi Emma how are you?
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    Family history of Crohn’s.... anyone??

    My dad has ulcerative colitis and I have crohn's.
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    Update on my life

    Oh Emma you have really been through hell and back :( I am grateful for your updates as I think it is interesting to follow people's progress over a long period of time, particularly as so many of us are diagnosed so young. Hopefully regardless of treatment, this surgery should put you in good...
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    High Calprotectin, Negative MRI

    Hello, I am sorry to hear about your difficulties. I have had a completely normal MRI and CT scan but my colonoscopy showed inflammation and ulcers. The colonoscopy is the gold standard for showing the real picture of what is going on. I feel you will have a better idea afer this.
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    Looking for direction - just got blood results

    I would pursue the following blood tests: CRP ESR B12 (and possibly other vitamin or minerals) It sounds like you have a weakened immune system - perhaps you are deficient in something. Could you have been exposed to a virus and now experiencing post-viral fatigue? A friend of mine had this...
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    Immunomodulators may not be necessary alongside stelara

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    5-asa medication to prevent bowel cancer

    Hi all, I have recently been reading some statistics about bowel cancer after a period of time (circa 20- 30+ years after having the disease) being quite high for both colitis and Crohn's (1 in 5 for Crohn's, will be higher in colitis). The main form of prevention which I have read that seems...
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    Options with azathioprine

    Hi all. Been on azathioprine since April 2016. For the first year I took 50mg and felt like it did nothing for me and was getting symptoms all the time. I then upped to 75mg and finally found improvement and had a good colonoscopy. I was on 75mg for 6 months when the nurse phoned and said my WBC...
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    Weight gain

    Hello, My BMI has always hovered round the 17 mark my whole life. After diagnosis I went on steroids and fortisips to gain weight and I managed to gain about 5 kilos but since stopping both of those I just slowly lose it. I don’t seem to be able to maintain my weight without regular fortisips...
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    Low WBC - azathioprine

    Hello, I started 25mg of aza in April 2016. Took that for around 3 months and then upped to 50mg. I took that until March 2017 and then upped again to 75mg. From there my WBC started slowly dropping with each monthly blood test. By September 2017 it had dropped just slightly below normal so I...
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    Bile acid sequestrants could help ileal Crohn’s

    Bile acid sequestrants could help ileal Crohn’s https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/12/171219133450.htm
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    Noninvasive test monitors mucosal healing

    https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/new-serum-test-is-first-to-measure-and-monitor-mucosal-healing-in-crohns-disease-300536178.html http://www.empr.com/news/prometheus-monitr-crohns-disease-test-noninvasive-assay/article/700360/
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    Lack of Mucosal Healing From Modified Specific Carbohydrate Diet in Pediatric Patients With Crohn's Disease