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  1. Holly95

    Crohns and Endometriosis

    I saw a GI for the first time on February 14th, after being diagnosed with Crohns in October by a surgeon after colonoscopy and calprotectin levels.. I went in to the GI not knowing what to expect, but what I got from him I certainly never would have thought I would hear... In a very long...
  2. Holly95

    Side effects of Pentasa or Other Meds?

    I have been on Pentasa now since the day I was diagnosed, I have lost count of the weeks now but the date is in my signature. I am on 4g per day, and I am taking it in 2 doses, I have also been off Prednisone completely for around 2 weeks now? I have a couple different side effect possibilities...
  3. Holly95

    House chores

    How do you all go about doing chores around the house without having to stop and have a sleep in between, or having your parents get mad because you haven't finished everything you were meant to do? I got diagnosed 5 weeks ago, and have been on a prednisone taper since then, today was my very...
  4. Holly95

    Symptoms coming back while tapering Prednisone?

    I started taking 40mg of Prednisone on the 23/10/13 (day after diagnosis) and have been tapering 10mg each week, I'm now on my first dose of 10mg for this week and honestly I'm scared to come off the prednisone completely. Next week is my 5mg week, then no more prednisone, only 4g of Pentasa...
  5. Holly95

    New to this, introducing myself (long!)

    Hi guys, i'm extremely new to this so I'm still learning, and I'm very confused and unsettled about the whole situation at the best of times so I apologise if things get a bit jumbled. I'm 18, 19 in February, and ever since I can remember I would get sick really easily, often being taken home...