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  1. dave13

    Infusions at home

    I got an interesting call from my insurance company today. I was asked if I would be interested in taking part in a pilot program to have infusions at home. It is currently being used in the most rural parts of the state where hospitals are far and few. The at home service will be less expensive...
  2. dave13

    Seton removed

    I had a draining seton removed about a month ago. So far so good. I had it removed in the surgeons office! I was told by his nurse it would be another procedure but the doc comes in and says we can do it right here. I thought he was kidding me,he does have a good sense of humor. He says,with a...
  3. dave13

    One Year Ago Today

    One year ago today a trip to the ER would turn into a resection due to a blockage(jejunum) and my introduction to Crohn's Disease.I had a SBFT in June and the resection site looks good and no inflammation as far as that test could determine. Perianal CD has decided to be active as the...
  4. dave13

    Support for Fozheart

    Hi all,I received a pm from Fozheart(Carol) and she has been admitted to the hospital.She was admitted for a blockage and facing possible surgery.She would love some extra support from the forum.This is not a planned procedure,she went to the ER and was admitted. I don't know much more than...
  5. dave13


    Going for my first infusion this morning.I hope I remember to bring a book.I guess I'm a bit nervous...more about the will it help me/not help me side of it.It was recommended after a fistulotomy and draining seton placement two weeks ago.The fun never stops :ylol2:
  6. dave13

    remission for six Months today!

    Today marks six months of being in remission!Six months ago today I had an emergency resection due to blockage.I was dx four days later with CD once the tests from the resected piece came back.I consider the day of my resection as the 'official' start of this journey for me,not the day I was...
  7. dave13

    Boston Marathon

    Are there any Chronies running in the Boston Marathon?
  8. dave13

    Pentasa dosage

    My GI prescribed 500mg twice a day.I was curious,why not 250mg four times a day? If it is time released would four smaller doses help get the full benefit,verses two larger doses? Does it matter? Just curious.I'll ask my GI,thought I'd see what other crohnies thought as well.
  9. dave13


    My GI wants me on pentasa.He feels it will help me stay in remission.I was diagnosed 11-13 and had a resection.I read stories of crohnies going med free and doing well.I read stories of pentasa working wonders.I recently found a source that makes pentasa affordable for me.I initially was floored...
  10. dave13

    Do they need to know?

    I have a co-worker who works out at a local gym.The price is inexpensive for our area and she gives good feedback about the place.I am going to check them out and join if I like the facility and there attitude. Do they need to know I have crohn's? I can't see why it would matter.I have had two...
  11. dave13

    Canasa and asacol

    I would like some feedback on canasa and asacol. They would be less expensive for me than pentasa. My GI is trying to find the least expensive route to go and still stay in the same class of drug.I figure I'd put it out there and see what people think.Thanks
  12. dave13

    Bowel movements

    I'm feeling good and resuming 'normal' life after two surgeries.I'm currently in remission :smile: I've stopped losing weight.Last weeks blood work came back normal,B-12,blood counts,etc. I seem to have a routine of waking up at 5:30 am and having a bm.As I move around I have a couple more trips...
  13. dave13

    ER Nurse

    I saw the ER nurse,Stephanie,for the first time since I was admitted to the ER that fateful day last November.I was in so much pain and so confused,one test after another.She was very professional and new her job.She was also a caring and compassionate person who helped me deal with a terrible...
  14. dave13

    First GI visit

    My first visit to my GI is next week.I have a list of questions.My biggest concern is medications.My resection was in November and seems to have healed well.The resection was about 8 inches in my duodenum.Will he recommend anything to reduce future stricturing?I am on no medications now and feel...
  15. dave13

    First GI visit

    I see my GI for the first time in February.I was wondering what this first meeting will be like?I had a resection of my small intestine,duodenum,11-25-13.I have had one bad flare up,but otherwise doing well.My surgeon said I was in remission,can you have a flare up and be considered in...
  16. dave13

    Seems obvious but...

    I went to my surgeon today to schedule another procedure,for a hernia! My first day home from a week in the hospital after my resection I was excited for a shower.I was given a good dose of dilauted before leaving the hospital to make me more comfortable for the trip,an 1-2 hour ride.I was...
  17. dave13

    Annoying my wife

    I finally got a clue and realized I was starting to drive my wife nuts with how I approach everything now wondering how it will affect my Crohn's.She has been beyond awesome with her compassion and care since my surgery and diagnosis in 11-13.I feel I really need to focus on my lifestyle from...
  18. dave13

    Belching a sign of trigger foods?

    Is belching a symptom of foods that may trigger Crohn's? I am 3 weeks post-op and being diagnosed.I have introduced some foods to my diet this 3rd week and have experienced some belching after eating.These foods don't seem to affect me any other way i.e. bowel movements,pain,etc.
  19. dave13

    Fermented foods for crohns

    I am interested in feedback of people who eat fermented foods such as kimchi. I am recently diagnosed with crohns,11-13,and the first thing that I noticed from reading all the posts is one food or drug will have different affects on different people. My surgeon said I am in remission and I...
  20. dave13

    Curious about meds.

    I meet with my GI doc in february. What can I expect to be recommended for meds and why? I'm sorry if I am being vague,it's all new to me.