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    Back flaring and probably knowing why

    As I'm back in a flare-up (Crohn's and arthritis) after being on the best way to remission, I was wondering what was throwing me off the right way: Lately, I added back in biscuits, occasional piece of cake, fruit yogurt (the store bought ones) and probably overdid it with sweet fruit yogurt...
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    Heavy air pollution causing Crohn's flare?

    Hi all, have you heard of someone's Crohn's flaring from smog / heavy air pollution (category "very unhealthy", chronically ill, pregnant women, elderly and children advised to stay inside)?
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    Colostrum again

    I am aware that there are some old threats, so that's why I'm starting a new one: I have tried 3 teaspoons of bovine colostrum yesterday (still have plenty of it, wanted to try it in the past, bought a good quality one and spent toooo much money on it), didn't do anything for me in the past...
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    Toxin Exposure prior to Diagnosis

    Hi all, This is just thinking out loud, but my naturopath asked me some questions and it came back to my mind::ywow: Prior to my first breakout of symptoms, I was exposed to formaldehyde and other toxins (2.5 months before first and sudden symptoms; toxins were measured but within the...
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    Low-Grade Fever After Meals?

    Hi there, For about a week or something I am experiencing sweating and low-grade fever after a meal (37.6-37.8 degrees Celsius). Feeling super tired in addition, can't focus on anything. Sleeping for about 12 (?) hours each night (normally 6-8 h). This did occur simultaneously with my gastric...
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    Inflammation in the Small Intestine only

    Hi, really need your personal experience of those who are diagnosed with Crohn's in the small intestine only or having had episodes of Crohn's active in the small intestine only::sign0085: What does it feel like for you? My nutritionist thinks my gastritis that I'm dealing with currently could...
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    What do you eat while having gastritis?

    Hi, I have a flare-up of my chronic (non-Crohn's) gastritis (in the antrum, type C).:yrolleyes: So far I feel able to eat dissolvable oats, creamy potato purée, some low fat cheese, some quark, tiny amounts of butter. Tried some more fat to up my calories but didn't feel nice at all. In...
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    Severe Colitis: Entyvio and other immunosuppressant simultaneously?

    Hi everyone, a friend of mine suffers from severe pancolitis and nothing seems to work. He is on Entyvio now but it isn't effective yet. Do you know of someone being given Ciclosporin or Tacrolimus via iv, simultaneously while receiving Entyvio? It seems as if his doctors aren't really...
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    Urgent: Hot water bottle after injecting biological?

    Hot water bottle after injecting biological? Hi there, I have quite an urgent question, as I did something that I always avoided after injection because I thought that the antibodies should not get warm etc. So I injected my biological and used a hot water bottle on the injection area (medium...
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    Rifaximin/Xifaxan making Crohn's worse?

    I'm on Rifaximin for SIBO currently and I feel that it makes my Crohn's much worse. It has spread to the colon meanwhile and since starting Rifaximin I have increasing colon cramps, more frequent BM's and more mucus between the BM's. I'm taking a probiotic to decrease side effects and help with...
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    Changed taste preferences?

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has experienced changed taste preferences. I don't have the slightest idea where it could come from, it developed within the last months: I don't have an appetite for sweets at all, was even hard to follow my meal plan that my nutritionist worked out for me, as I...
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    Burning colon?

    Just a random question to you guys, I have Crohn's but it seems to have spread to the colon already, left side (descendens). Cortiment was effective but symptoms returned and I mainly have d and a burning pain in the left side, in the whole left colon I would say (normally burning pain in the...
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    Going off a biological, option to try again later?

    I have been flaring for a while (and Simponi has never controlled my disease, constant joint inflammation), no change with biweekly injection of Simponi yet, maybe I need to try another biological... Any personal experience with going back on a biological that has been tried before (antibody...
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    Xeljanz? Other JAK inhibitors?

    Anyone on Xeljanz here? Is it effective for Crohn's as well? Just curious as it is not yet an option for me in my country. Anyone in a medical trial with JAK inhibitors? I was told they seem to be very effective (doctor who performs these medical trials).
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    Any recent scientific findings or personal experience? Any benefits? VSL#3, Mutaflor and all the other probiotics seem have a positive impact on the disease, don't they? My nutritionist is a lover of plain sour milk products and is of the opinion that it is essential. So, any data or experience...
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    Budesonide MMX / Cortiment MMX / Uceris MMX

    Anyone on Cortiment or Uceris? I'm in a Crohn's flare-up and my left colon seems to be inflamed (so painful when food goes through, still painful if no food is passing though), as well as my terminal ileum again. From tomorrow on I will be trying Budesonide MMX which I was prescribed today...
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    Frequency: How often do you have flare-ups?

    Just curious, since it looks as I'm having a flare-up again. I couldn't sleep last night due to TI pain (ice pack for TI, heating pad for my stomach with gastritis works best then; could decrease the diarrhoea with going on exclusive elemental diet again) and I wondered if it is a "normal"...
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    Vitamin D as a therapy?

    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25490986 Vitamin D is considered as a possible therapy in this article. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26952579 The correlation between disease activity/severity of disease and vitamin d status has been showed already. Any personal experience on...
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    Traditional Chinese Medicine Trial

    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26473333 Seems to be helpful for sustaining remission.
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    Crohn's and Arthritis Support Group

    Hi fellow Crohnies, I just realised that there is no Crohn's and Arthritis support group, so here it is! I hope this can be a place to connect and share thoughts, problems and whatever.